Finally (ASL)

We finally got our acts together yesterday and sat own and got a major part of the signing book done for day care. Now I just need to organize it and print it out… e decided to take pictures of Vincent signing. The goal is to add 1-2 new signs a week, but first we need to get the people at day care used to the signs he already is using. 
It was not hard at all once we stared and Vince played along very well. We took some books out and then looked at the pictures and he signed what he saw while Bookie clicked away with the camera.


In other news, Vince used the potty the WHOLE weekend and only had a wet diaper at night/once during a nap. Other than that all business was tended to on the potty. So it is a good start at least. He still does not communicate if he needs to go, but he understands what to do on the potty and went every time I put him on there. I am sure it is long till he is completely potty trained, but I am very proud of him for starting out so well!

6 Responses

  1. Vincent är superduktig! Och vilken koncentration han verkar ha! Jag skulle aldrig få Jesper att sitta stilla sådär och “jobba” med en sak så länge… :-s
    Tummen upp till Prins Vince!

  2. Dear goddess, he gets more disgustingly beautiful every time I see him. 😀

  3. Tänk att man kan bli så glad för lite gult och brunt på rätt ställe! ;0) Heja Vincent!!!

  4. Vilken duktig kille! Och så söt. Kram

  5. Vince och Lowa är jättelika på bilden överst när ni tecknar! Du o jag är ju också lite lika, kanske därför?
    Hur som helst, jättebra att ni övat! Och vilken grej – bajja i pottan! Heja Vince!

  6. Good news all around!

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