Good Day

Despite Vince waking up at 5,30 it has been a really good day. For many reasons. I give you a few examples:

  • Vince repeated the word BALL (verbally) about 5-6 times in the car to Speech Therapy (ST)
  • At speech he ran up to one door and started knocking, I told him to go knock on the right one instead, and he did! (may sound small, but see it isn’t) ((The STs colleague who was in there with an other kid – we were a few mins early – did not share my enthusiasm as she was interrupted, well screw her!))
  • Vince played with Legos at ST and kind of sort of said HALLO on a play phone (the way he says it). ST was majorly impressed.
  • Vince picked up a miniature ladder and tried to climb it. It was a Lego ladder. But again, I am very proid of him, cause he made the connection ladder => climb and he never saw such a small one in real life before. It is really cool how he puts things together now.
  • I got my points through in a very important meeting – all on my own with the high high high ups. Very self satisfactory. And plainly successful!
  • Vince is also in to putting things back. He put all toys back after playing with them at ST, we or she have been sick for the last few times, so she was thinking this was an other kid as the one she saw 5 weeks ago.
  • That putting things back thing, works both ways. Things that ended up in the toilet at home this week are: cell phone charger (same one as in all pictures, kid is obsessed with it), dad’s shoes, tooth paste, make up brush, Vincent (small butt makes it hard to stay up…), and dad’s bicycle helmet.

3 Responses

  1. Hey Vince, I am so impressed by you. I look forward to see you soon, just a few more hours and daddy is home again. Love you, pusspuss

  2. Hahaha, lyllos Bookie som fått sina skor och cykelhjälm i toastolen… Najs… ;0)

  3. Toalettfascinationen delas av Masarin. Man blir galen!

    Men så inspirerad jag blir att läsa om Vinces framgångar. Han börjar bli en stor pojke!


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