Someone is steeling all my entries under the category D S (Speeled out). If you have a WP blog and use that tag, you are also beeing stolen from.

If you are reading this at anywhere else that http://www.christinamolin.wordpress.com this post is STOLEN. I am not a contributor of www [dot] downsyndrome [dot] com.


7 Responses

  1. what? hur? var? varför???

  2. You have an RSS feed, which allows other people to use their blog readers to read your posts rather than visit your site, or like on my sidebar, lets me know when you’ve updated. It also allows you to import your posts into your Facebook page.

    It’s the same technology that allows people to put newsfeeds on their sites from their preferred sources.

    What it also does is allow anyone else on the web to use your posts on their site. In this case, they have set up a site related to all things DS and have used the feeds to import the latest posts on anything with a DS tag.

    This is not illegal and might even bring you new visitors. At the end of the 1st paragraph of each import, there’s an automated “Read More” link which actually comes to your site, rather than theirs. So they are not actually claiming to be giving unique content. Although personally I think they should be clearer on that point.

    However, the only real morally dodgy area is if they start selling products based on your content. At the moment, however, it doesn’t even look like they have advertising revenue on the site.

    I’d keep an eye on them, perhaps contact them if you can, but it’s not worth losing sleep over.

  3. I’ve had that happen to me before.

  4. They have taken mine too. Like Kim says, nothing dodgy involved but the polite thing to do is to ask, right?

  5. They changed the feeds so that there is no link back to the original source. Also, there is a link to a cafepress store on each linked page.

  6. Håller med Idha. What?

  7. Förstår ingenting, men om ngn gjort ngt dumt o du är arg, ja då är jag arg också!!!

    Men en förklaring på svenska skulle kännas

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