Night Time Work Out

Trying to get Vince to sleep longer in the morning has not been easy. We tried by putting him to bed later for the whole European Soccer Championship – 6 long weeks, the child went to bed in the pause, which was apprx 9.30 pm, still he was up at the crack of dawn +/- 5 am. Now we tried again for a few weeks, he is going ot bed around 9ish and believe it or not (I am terrified putting this in writing as it may jinx it up totally) he has been sleeping till 6.30-7 in the morning. It has been great.
He is also really funny at night, and I love that he is awake when I come home. Lately, he has been obsessed with trying to jump on his own. He can jump on the trampoline at day care, but jumping on the floor proved much harder as there is no help from the material. But he does not give up. He keeps trying to jump, and jump, and jump. And he is getting there! The ring hanging from the ceiling is something we used to practice his goal oriented gripping when he had just learned to sit. He re-discovered it recently and now loves to spin around holding on to it.

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  1. Another site: www dot downsyndrome dot com is stealing your posts, and any other posts which have a WordPress tag of “down syndrome”. Just go there and scroll.

  2. Melia förstod direkt vad det var Vincent gjorde. Hon tittade på honom och sa: Hopp!

  3. Kan inte fatta hur mkt han växt sen vi sågs i aug!!! Han är en sån liten kille nu! Way to go, darling Vince! Miss ya heaps.

  4. hi christina! thanks so much for reading my blog. 31 for 21 was so much fun because it got me reading other blogs, like yours. i have found so much encouragement in the blogging world.

    i love the video of your little sjarmtroll! he is so adorable! i wish all the bloggers and their kids could be teleported and we could have some giant play date!

    in response to your comment…yes, there is a DS group here but it is not active. we’ve tried “taking over” but the leader won’t let us!!! yes, i do know the norwegian blogger. random. i went to a DS conference in her hometown and all the hotels were booked so i emailed her at midnight the night before and she left me crash at her place. so great that there are still good people in the world!

    questions for you…what language do you speak to vince? where are you from in sweden? where did you live in the US? any “scandinavian” goodies i can send your from norway? pepparkaker, marsipan, risengrøt?

  5. he isso darned cute! and so strong!!!!

  6. Oh, I just love this video…..Prince Vince we love you!

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