Here We Go Again

Vince has been coughing worse than the Marlboro Man for the last few days and yesterday we went to the Dr. Bronchitis. But at least no fever. But to help him during the night, when the cough has been really bad, he got some medicine to inhale. He loved the little inhaling-thingy and it was no problem to get him to breath in and out about 10 times with it. Last night he woke up with a fever, so him and B are heading back to the Dr’s today again… So, no speech, no ergo and no light festival today for Vincent.

I took the medicine bottle off the inhalator as he preferred to keep breathing in it for a while longer.


8 Responses

  1. En liten dykare in the making måhända?

  2. Blir det sånt coolt Darth Vader-sound? Nä, men honestly, stackars lille lusen… Hps han får rejäla mediciner nu som håller baskiluskerna borta ett tag. Testat alkohol? Tar död på det mesta. ;0)

  3. Krya på dig Vincent!

  4. Usch usch usch, men hans stålkvinna till mamma borde väl ha en del motståndskraft för Vincents lilla baskilusker nuförtiden?

  5. Hej…gå in och kolla Pernilla Wahlgrens blogg från 6 nov. Sonen Theo sportar fina skor minsann. Visste väl att jag hade samma skosmak som en kändis!

  6. Ugh. I hate this time of year. Sickness all around! I hope Vince feels better soon.

  7. How is the little guy feeling? Hopefully much better… it seems like a little bit of a never ending circle, doesn’t it? I LOVE fall and winter but come on! I might just have to become a spring and summer kind of girl if it does not let up…

    Thinking of you guys hoping to hear that everyone is healthy, soon.

  8. Hoppas Vince är bättre!
    Elsan var inne på Barn i morse och fick för första gången inhalera lite Ventolin. Hon har rosslat och hostat som om hon drack en flarra whiskey varje dag nu i en vecka. Doktorn trodde dock att det var på tillbakagång och vi kör vidare med Bricanyl.

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