Get It Down: 31 for 21 – Day 31

I wanted to write something deep, meaningful and uplifting for the last day of 31 for 21. But it is not so easy as DS is just our every day life, and nothing much extraordinary at all.

I was considering my point of view of the phrase ‘people with DS are always so happy’,but even though that statement is as untrue as saying all Swedes are blond, it does not bother me when I hear it. And I guess I hear it at least once a week or so. I take it at face value and realize that people say that as they want to share something positive. Who knows, I most likely would have said something like it myself pre-Vince. Anyone not agreeing to the stereotype of this message can borrow Vince for a 24 hour period and do their own real life study.

At the same time it is also not true that all people with DS loves music, singing and dancing.
And I am fairly convinced that Vince will not live in his own blissfully happy-go-lucky-world where the sun is always shining. There will be ups and there will be downs. Just as any other person’s life. Maybe our hurdles will be different, but we will also have to go through them. An extra chromosome does not equal the ability to not feel sad, unjust, angry or unhappy. But by now, I think most of my readers already know that.

So once again Thank You Tricia for hosting the Get it Down: 31 for 21 blogathon, I believe there are over 130 bloggers world wide participating all helping spreading awareness about DS. For now I leave you with a few pics of my Prince and a few options of what to use a cell phone charger for.

Option 1: Microphone to sing in

Option 2: Screwdriver to take a way the safety rail on the bed

Option 3: A whip to hit mommy with (that is tooth paste on the PJ)

Option 4: Clean teddy bears nose with

Option 5: floss

10 Responses

  1. Den lille sötnosen. Ja, fantasin är det ju inget fel på i alla fall.

  2. I have so loved getting extra doses of Vince and Company. :o) And that guy is creative! Excellent imagination play…. Wow, sometimes all this therapy talk takes over in my brain!

  3. I’ve had great fun again this year- writing and reading! Thanks for participating again. I love getting my Vince fix!

  4. LOL! And here I am trying my best to hide my charger from Sam…. silly me for not even thinking about all the things you can use them for. 🙂

    Happy Halloween Prince Vince! Wish you guys were closer so that we could share some candy.

  5. Ja tänk vad mycket man kan göra med en och samma “leksak”.

  6. Sitter o funderar på om han verkligen har Tore Skogmanglugg :-S Annars är det nog lite tufft att köra sladden som tandtråd. 😉
    Hörs imorgon igen!

  7. Precis som förra året ersätts det dagliga bloggandet under oktober med bloggtorka. Kan man klaga? Ringa kundtjänst? Får nog prova! Vincent börjar bli löjligt lik Bookie! Helt otroligt! Püss

  8. great pics! can’t find your email address, so write me- i would love to exchange more (i’ve just had a busy few weeks…) tekeal at bluewin dot ch.

    and NO, still nothin on the signing front for childcare. fully overwhelmed…

    xx tekeal

  9. Haha, skulle precis till å klaga på bloggtorkan, men såg att någon redan varit framme… så då slipper jag vara gnällkärring! Thänx Emma! AND SHOW US SOME MORE PICS, darling Kicki!!!

  10. Oh, I loved these photographs and I’ve loved 31 for 21……..

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