Get It Down: 21 for 31 – day 25

Even though I was supposed to blog about Down syndrome a lot and have all the fancy dancy facts to show, I think I have only snuck in 2-3 posts about it. I have to agree with Melissa, it is really not a big deal in our family. Vince is just Vince (I am talking about my Vince here, not Melissa’s husband), and his bonus chromosome does not really make a difference in our daily life. We are a pretty ‘normal’ family that eat, sleep and have fun together. Sometime we hit a brick wall with issues that are a little different – like what theory to follow, what therapy to apply for or what exercises to prioritise. But these issues does not cause a problem, it just gives us a moment to stop, think and appreciate what we have and what Vincent needs. To say that we celebrate the small things more would be an exaggeration, I think we just celebrate the things that any other family would -regardless of chromosome count.

(Mr. B rocks at celebrating – thanks for dinner and present last night!)

3 Responses

  1. I agree completely!

  2. i agree too! someone who read my book said it was, well, a little boring in parts! and it made me happy!

    i said, yes! you see now! we’re not always “special” and our lives aren’t so very different…

    thanks for your blog. i love it.


  3. Oh, I so agree! I just wish everyone else would jump on the boat with us!!

    And I love the “fancy dancy” in your post. I do not see my name in print often ; )

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