Get It Down: 31 for 21- day 23

As I checked on Vince when I got home fr work last night I thought he looked feverishly red cheeked. A few hours later he woke up hot as a coffee pot. I would have taken the temp, but we are having some issues with the thermometers… Some 2 year old in the family has played a little too rough with the ear thermometer, and it now measures a minimum of 45c (113F) at all times. Caused a minor freak out of mom on day 1 that was realized. I then bought a little mouth thing and asked specifically if it was one of those that measure super fast.
Yes said the lady.
Like in less then 10s I asked.
Yes, sure thing.

It needs a minimum of 1 min… I had a hard time focusing that long last weekend. Vince with a thermometer in the mouth for one min equals a 0% success rate.

Anyways, Vince has a fever for sure. He ended up sleeping in our bed, and that meant a new game (similar to musical chairs) where dad eventually ended up in Vincent’s tiny bed to get some sleep.

Luckily, our order of 5 new Signing Time DVDs came in yesterday. Vince is thrilled , and that is pretty much what we are doing today (one outing to find new ear thermometer will take place). Did you know that EACH Signing Time DVD has a booklet in there where you get a -10% discount with the promotion code. 12 DVDs later, Vince found it yesterday…

3 Responses

  1. feel better, VInce! And thanks for the tip on the coupon!

  2. Oh Vince, poor little guy! And poor Bookie for getting booted from his bed! :o) Feel better soon! Great timing for the DVDs to get there, too!

  3. Ah, stackars lusen! Tage bidde också snorig i natt och fick sova i vår säng… eller sova och sova. Snurra runt/böka/snörvla/ställa sig upp mot gaveln snarare. Han är idag helt superförkyld och hans mor och far ser verkligen fram emot natten… Not. Hoppas de mså liven kryar på sig really fast!

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