Get It Down: 31 for 21- day 23 (2)


I just had a customer…  A strange one. We got talking about languages, and she said so your son will learn three languages. I then said, actually we sign too, so almost four.
-Why do you sign?
-Öhhh well he does no talk so well ( I got caught off guard – really does not happen that often) – ööh he has Down syndrome.
-Why does he have that? (said the ADULT)
-Well. öhhh. sometimes that happens, no one really knows why.
-Yes but why is he m*ngoloid?

WTF lady??? I just then said something like to me he is my child and I love him, he is just a little kid.
I mean seriously, if it was the 4 year old kid that had asked I would not have blinked, but this was an ADULT.

To make things even better [sarcasm] she then proceeded to tell me that ‘these’ people can do a lot nowadays. But they need training. It is a lot better for ‘them’ now…
Sigh. People. I guess I really need to get a few of these shirts for the family…

6 Responses

  1. Ugh. So frustrating. I guess it’s true that some people just REALLY—really really–don’t ‘get it’.

  2. Jag antar att du slängde ut kärringen? Jag gillar mitt barnbarn precis som han är, så det så!

  3. Man slutar aldrig att förvånas, eller hur??? :0(

  4. Håller med morfar Göran, hoppas du slängde ut tanta! Vilken korkskalle.

  5. Hi there,
    I have never commented on here before even though I have been reading you for a while. I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago while doing some online research re Down Syndrome. I was then 5 months pregnant and our IPS testing had flagged us 1:171 for having a Down Syndrome Baby . This was my 4th pregnancy after 3 miscarriages so my husband and I wanted to avoid Amnio not to risk another possible miscarriage. We didn’t care at that point about DS, we just wanted a breathing, alive baby. So I did a lot of research about DS to get ready, just in case. Rebecca was born on March 6, 2008. She doesn’t have DS however I got so attached to reading about Vince and your adventures that I just kept on reading. I love this blog and how you just deal with everything in your life.
    Just wanted to say keep up the awsome work you are doing and give Vince a special extra kiss tonight from our family.

    PS, We live in Canada.

  6. Wow. (shaking head)

    Enjoy your blog. Your Vince is an absolute doll!

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