Get It Down: 21 for 31 – Day 17


Through a link left in my last post I found a really interesting speech/communication story from another mother of a child with Down syndrome. At least it was really interesting to me.

‘I often think of the many things I have learned about communication since my son, Mark, was born with Down Syndrome eight years ago. At first, I wondered if he would ever talk; now we are conversation partners, talking together all day long when he isn’t in school. I would like to tell about some of the most important things I have learned and share a few of our experiences. I hope this will help other parents and children build and enjoy more playful, communicative relationships.

First of all, I learned that children go through several stages before they start to talk. Like many parents, I assumed language just “happened” (or didn’t happen for some children with Down syndrome). I learned that each stage is important and should not be ignored or rushed. Our children need to develop communication habits, not just be able to say words when requested to do so!

To read the rest click here.

6 Responses

  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this…it’s been on my mind so much!

  2. Great text – thank you so much for posting this link! Guess I’ll have to steal this for my daily 31for21 post… 😉
    Best wishes,

  3. OK – so I’m new to blogging, and can’t find an email. Wanted to share Little Joe’s story with you (never before reported combination of mosaic Down Syndrome and Tetrasomy 8p):

  4. Ja, communicating partners gillar jag jättemycket, känns vettigt och hoppfullt och vi tycker att det funkar bra i samspelet med Milo.

    Den text du hänvisar till fick vi av vår logoped och jag borde naturligtvis ha tipsat om den när jag skrev om vår erfarenhet av babblarna. Men är man tankspridd så är man…

  5. Hej igen!

    Camilla, jag blir nyfiken. När jag tog upp “communicating partners” med vår logoped så tyckte hon att det lätt vettigt, men habiliteringen använder sig av Iréne Johanssons forskning (karlstadmodellen).

    Vet du någon i Sverige som är duktig på “communicating partner” och hur man kan jobba med sitt barn utifrån det? Har försökt lite på egen hand, och det har gett resultat. Därför är jag väldigt intresserad av att lära mig mer.

  6. […] habe ich den Link übrigens bei Christinas Blog “Prince Vince Meets the World” – auch dort gibt es momentan einen täglichen “31 for 21″ – […]

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