Get It Down: 31 for 21 – Day 12



This time you can win Conny’s fantastic book: Aussergewöhnlich:Väterglueck.
Just leave a comment and link the contest. And I know, it is German, but the pictures says more than a billion words. I promise you!
Vince will draw the winner Sunday October 19th!


21 Responses

  1. It’s a wonderful book. Beautiful photography. Christina is right…totally worth owning even if it is in German. 🙂

  2. Det är fantastisk! Eftersom vi redan har den behöver vi inte vara med men ni som inte har den – hoppas på att Vince drar ert namn! Kram

  3. How wonderful! Gosh, I LOVE that cover shot! BTW, I have given you an award! Love to all…

  4. Guten Abend! Vi är med! 🙂

  5. […] out this awesome giveaway Christina from Prince Vince is […]

  6. ME, ME! Pick me!!!!!

  7. Her photography is so amazing!

  8. OMGOSH!! I would LOVE LOVE to win this!!!!!!!

  9. You have such an adorable son!

    The book looks awesome, I would love to win it!

  10. Hallo Kiki,
    auch wir würden uns sehr über das unglaublich tolle Buch freuen!
    Außerdem wäre ein baldiges Treffen wieder einmal sehr nett!!! 😀
    Wann hat Vincent seine Untersuchung am LKH? Könnten und dort mal treffen…
    Bis bald und liebe Grüße
    Christina und Didy

  11. How could it not be wonderful with a cover like that 🙂

  12. jag vill också vinna den fantastiska boken! är inne ofta o läser på din inspirerande hemsida, den är beroendeframkallande 🙂

  13. I’ve tried to win this before, myabe this time will be my lucky chance! Pick me, Vince!!

  14. Vince, that book may make me take up German classes again!

  15. Vore inte helt fel att få bläddra i boken med en så härlig framsida.

  16. […] Conny’s latest book Aussergewöhnlich:Väterglueck, click here and leave a […]

  17. I know I am in another country and all but so I dont think I could win but maybe you can tell if it is sold in the US. I checked it out on her blog but its in german and lets just say I was stumped.

  18. Even though I won’t be able to read the book; I’d love it to look through the pictures!

  19. Åh! Jag vill vinna!! Snääääääääääääääälla! 😉


  20. […] call for entering the contest, tomorrow morning (Austria time) Vince will draw the winner. Click here and leave a comment for a chance to win the book! Yes, we shipp world […]

  21. Vincent dra oss, dra oss!!!!

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