Get It Down: 31 for 21 – Day 10


I am a bit biased, but I am pretty sure my kid will make it to the Special Olympics (like the BIG ones) and win a ton of medals. We just need to get a clearing on the Atlantoaxial Instability possibility. He is on a roll with reaching new goals…Vince had three days at home this week and came up with all types of tricks (which ultimately translates into re-organizing work for dad who is returning fr Korea tonight).

1) Climb up on the toy chest in his room, reach as high as possible and be able to pull the CDs off the shelf. The shelf sits at the same height as my nose approx. He then happily proceeds his activities by hanging on to the shelf with both hands, swinging his legs in the air. No pic proof – mom had heart attack. Mr. B shelf needs to be moved up.

2) Standing on the nightstand next to my side of the bed, if on tippie toes and leaning forward, successfully manages to open the medicine cabinet… Mr. B hook needs to be applied to cabinet, high up so kid can’t reach it. He is obviously taller than we think.

3) In less than a millisecond climb up on the dining table, charge forward and give the light fixture a good push. Mr. B I seriously doubt those energy saving lights will last as long as the package suggested.

4. I take him down the table and try to get the light fixture to stop swinging, in the mean time Vince has run over to the couch, climbed on top of the little bar thing behind it, unplugged my charging cell phone and thrown the regular phone on the floor. At this he claps his hands and makes a sound that sounds almost like BRAVO. What to do: Encourage the speech (as we are told to make a celebration out of all attempts to words) or reprimand child for almost breaking the cordless phone? Mr. B we should have hung it on the wall in the kitchen, will you fix that?

5) He also likes to turn his little toy box over, put all toys on the floor, move it close up to the TV, climb up on the TV shelf and then proceeds to try to push the TV off. Luckily he is not strong enough for this yet. Mr B how about investing in a flat screen instead of a fat screen, would that solve our problem here?

6) Apparently he likes to use his biceps; he walks in his room (after putting his hat on backwards like a cool kid) and proceeds to try to push his bed away. He usually manages a few inches as we have hard wood floor in his room. Mr. B this one is OK- but just come home now, will ya?

5 Responses

  1. Hahaha! Stackars Bookie, han har allt att göra när han kommer hem. Har sagt det förr Kicki, what goes around comes around. Har allt hört historierna om din barndom… Puss

  2. Hahaha- jag skrattade gott!!! Är ni säkra på att ni mätt rätt, du sa ju att han inte växt så mkt det senaste året? På din beskrivning låter han jääättelång ju! ;0)

    Låter som han är betydligt friskar nu med, eller? ;0)

    Kram på er!

  3. Låter som du har en liten tvååring hemma hos dig. Dom är experter på att hitta på bus. Och värre blir det…

  4. I bet he will too!!!!!!!

  5. Oh man – thanks for the smile and the chuckle 🙂 Boy have we ever been there 🙂 And – just a note – flat screens weigh less than fat screens – I’d stick with the fat screen for a bit, unless you’re going for the wall mount 🙂 We’ve lost a lap top and various other valuable items to Brady’s need for – um – order – apparently he’s allergic to clutter 🙂 He thinks there should be nothing on the counters, night tables, end tables, etc……. It has gotten better with age though – so there’s hope for your little monkey 🙂

    Thans for the smile 🙂

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