Get It Down: 31 for 21 – Day 7


See that kid? That is Vincent SLEEPING… The problem is – he fell a sleep at his therapy session. 20 min in to his session he asked to get off his beloved little car they have there that only moves if you do some complicated arm and leg movement, and he laid down on the mattress and immediately fell a sleep. Fever and a cold. GAAAH. Poor kid. Poor mom. Bookie is in Korea till Saturday morning. It was all going so well, I even had all dinner plans worked out and groceries in the refrigerator, and crap, it seems like every time B is on a business trip we get sick. And we even kept him home last week when he was only kind of a little bit bugged by the bug. Well, that is life. The lifesaving baby sitter could come early today, and the other one could come in the morning tomorrow… The fun never ends over here.

5 Responses

  1. Ah, stackars liten! Och stackars mammsen! Hoppas han mår väl snart. Kram.

  2. Oh boy do I feel you!
    Dinner plans? what are dinner plans??? My friend called last night and before she said a thing I uttered my now famous words:”RAIN CHECK” . :O)

    Feel better soon V. Hope it is just a little virus..
    Hang in there… on a brighter note the picture is TOO CUTE!

  3. Usch, usch. Men vilken väluppfostrad kille som BER om att få lägga sig ner när han är så dålig! Sötisen. Hoppas kan kryar på sig. KRAM.

  4. What a beautiful sleeping boy!!

  5. Gute Besserung auf alle Fälle! Bei uns kränkeln auch alle der Reihe nach und der Babysitter macht guten Umsatz..

    Habe gerade die tollen Schuhe im contest gesehen! Ich denke mal, dass Eddy im Frühjahr seine ersten Schuhe gebrauchen könnte und die kaufen wir dann ganz bestimmt bei euch ein!

    LG, Julia

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