Get It Down: 31 for 21 – day 4


One of the hardest parts in the beginning with having a kid with a diagnose was all the therapies! If we did not breast feed, the kid would never talk (mouth muscles), if we did not do that exercise he would never crawl,swinging was good for that but not this etc. All different theories from different experts. Everyone always seemed to know more about my kid than I.

I do not know how many times I was told that we definitely did too much. Every one but me and Bookie seemed to think so, including his doctors and therapists. One thing that bother me especially much was that the Occupational Therapist (the service most receive first) told us that we should not seek any other therapies. At that time of course I did not know much about therapies and DS. And she was the expert. However, thanks to many of you blog friends I learned that there were many options. Later I called the therapy center up and told them that I thought it was horrible what they were telling new parents. They told the parents, who in many cases already were scared about the diagnosis, not to do more than what they were offering, and most of us did not know better than to listen. I told them I thought this was rude, un-educated, and straight forward a lie. The lady on the other end of the conversation was not happy with my thoughts. I also called the lady in charge of the OTs/EIs up and told her, and she did listen a bit better.

I often get phone calls from a local DS co-ordinator about new families with children with DS. One of the things that I make sure to tell the new parents to listen to you own instincts. As long as the child is happy, do as much therapies as you want. Remember You know your kid the best. Vince LOVES therapies, to him it is a one-on-one session with cool toys we do not have at home.

Vince is now almost 2.5 years old, and the doctors and his therapists are all agreeing that I was right. We did the right thing by doing all that we did from the get go. And actually, now they even suggest others to do the same…

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