Get It Down: 31 for 21 – day 3 (Contest Time)


I am drawing a blank today so, today you can win a pair of shoes:

You can win a pair of Christer, all you have to do is to leave a comment and link this entry on your blog.
This is what the designer Thomas Elbaum says about the shoe Christer:

We decided to honor the man who tackled the project of bringing Vincent Shoes to America with a shoe of his own. Christer’s bold character shines through in many facets of this rugged-but-chic, mid-cut boot for toddlers. Take, for instance, the brightly colored contrast piping that splays across the heel and inside the shaft. Or how about the bungee laces that are threaded through the same color of rivets? These elements are so indicative of Christer’s attention to detail.
Your toddler loves to explore the minutest things, and he’ll find lots to entertain him on this shoe. Eye-catching, impressive and ultimately cool,
Christer may inspire your toddler to take on some big projects of his own!

So go on, leave a comment and spread the word. Vince will pick a winner on October 21, 2008. and we do ship world wide.

36 Responses

  1. Me, me! Pick me Vince!!!

  2. So, this year we’re participating in the 31 for 21 challenge too (at least we’ll try to)… and it’s all your fault, Christina!

    And of course Max MUST win that pair of Christers, as autumn has finally come, it’s getting colder every day – and he can’t learn to walk without real good shoes 😉

    Well, it was well worth trying…

  3. my feet are growing as fast as yours vince… put my name in!

  4. Jag vet hur bra dom där skorna är för min lilla Melia har flickvarianten SARA och dom är kanonbra!

  5. Men du din fuling! Hade du tänkt komma runt att dela ut skor genom att välja ett datum som redan passerat?? Eller är det mitt mammamosiga huvud som lurar mig. Lever mina dagar i amningskaos. Sonen vägrar sova, dag som natt. Nya sysselsättningen, skrika hysteriskt. Muntert.

  6. Oh my gosh! How AWESOME would these look on Georgia (and eventually) her brother! 🙂 Pick me!!!!

  7. Darling! With two boys in the same size they would get double duty!! Count us in.

  8. Jag är med och hoppas att datumet ska vara 21 oktober och inget annat… 🙂 Kul med en tävling!

  9. I would love to put these on my 2 year old!

  10. My son desperately needs some new fall shoes, count us in please!

  11. My Elinor would OWN THE STREETS in those shoes!! Adorable!

  12. Cute, cute shoes! They’d get good use in our home for sure.

  13. I don’t have a blog, but I visit yours frequently. My son, Seth, has down syndrome and is just beginning to walk. However, I have such a hard time finding any shoes that will stay on AND have a sole that is flexible enough for his little feet to bend in when he walks. We would love to win a pair of your shoes if you think it would be an answer to our problem! Plus, it gets cold in Minnesota with just your socks on and winter is right around the corner!

  14. ohhh, so cute!!! 🙂 my daughter needs these 😉

  15. Evan needs shoes!

  16. Hi now our little baby Ludvig has arrived and after he saw Liam and Melias wonderfull shoes he ofcourse wants his own Vincent shoes 🙂

  17. ooooooo!
    i found your blog through “unringing the bell”

    my daughter, lili ,would look lovely in these!
    and afterwards my next baby (i am 20 weeks pregnant)


    here’s my blog:

  18. If these aren’t made in sizes large enough for my younger girl (2), then I would give them to our hip and fabulous friend Isaac (5 months) for his future walking!

  19. Det vore fint att vinna ett par fina skor till vår lilla Tuva nu när hon börjat gå och slita skor på undersidan istället för ovansidan.

  20. Ooo… cute shoes! I wanna win please! 🙂

    Blogged! bunnybx at gmail . com

  21. Absolutely stylin’ shoes!!!

  22. Hej Christina,

    Ok, so I was going to answer your comments anyway but then I saw this and you know I love V shoes.
    Sam is feeling better – FINALLY . I am nervous about the T&A ( hhhmmm, tonsils and adenoids of course). I have stocked us up with jell-o and Manna puuro 🙂

    Hugs to little V. Will send you a note with more.


  23. Ooh, those are adorable shoes! My nephew would love these shoes 😛

  24. I absolutely love the design and style of these shoes. My little guy if fortunate to celebrate his 2nd birthday this month and a new pair of shoes would be great especially since he is just starting to take steps.! Thank you for allowing me to participate in the contest.

  25. My poor guy is still crawling around barefoot. Maybe if he had these stylish shoes, he’d start walking!

  26. oh i would love a pair of vincent shoes for maymay

  27. I am new to blogging but found you through the 31 for 21 challenge.

    How fun that you are giving away shoes. My little Riley really needs a new pair of shoes. His AFO’s are rubbing through his current pair. He is in between crawling and walking and where he drags his foot when he does his funny little army crawl is wearing through the leather. Please choose Hurricane Riley 🙂

  28. we need a vincent shoe store here in the arctic circle! i love your life story!

  29. let’s give it a try again, Frederik sure would love to be the owner of this great pair of shoe.


  30. Elsa would die for the red ones! Hugs

  31. hello christina, I don’t really know how I found you blog, but I love it!, I find it truly inspiring. You child is just gorgeous.
    By the way, can I find Vincent shoes in Spain?. Regards, Teresa

  32. Count us in! We are a fan of the shoes as well as mr V. 🙂

  33. Oh, I would love one of those for my little niece in Guatemala – I know for sure that they don’t have such adorable, yet quality shoes 🙂

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