I am done venting about the election. It seems like the two major parties are going to have to form a coalition without the FPÖ and BZÖ. Good news. Susi H left a really clever comment on my page. I would really like it if you clicked here  (all in English) and read up on the parties I was talking about. Then (for example you Tobias who after arguing for segregation and also that the parties were not that bad) you can see how close to Nazism they really are. There also pictures on this entry from the election campaigns. Thank you Susie for summing it up so good.

Pst. extra interesting is the last part of the entry where she has quotes from several news papers around the world about the turn out. The New York Times for example.

Pst 2. Really cool how a lot of people told me how they did so not vte for these crazy guys. I liked that!

2 Responses

  1. Hello Christina,
    wow, thank you so much for that comment, that’s really updrafting 😀 I’m so happy that also other people told you that they didn’t vote for those terrible parties. I’ll also link your blog to my page, so I can keep myself up to date to your blog 🙂
    All the best wishes for you and your family,

  2. Läste hela länken! Frukansvärt, läskigt, oroväckande och samtidigt med upplysande info! Helt klart fängslande läsning då JAG läste ALLT, jag är den som scrollar mig igenom såna textmassor.
    Krama lillkillen från mig, mitt monster ligger i sin säng och kollar på Nalle Puh… 😉

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