New Furniture

It is sometimes very practical having a kid and a company with the same name. One would be that his shoes are always marked with his name, an other would be things like furniture designed in the company name. Vince finds the second one more interesting at the moment:



The design if you look at it up close, fancy a chair with his name on!

6 Responses

  1. Roligt att du tittade in. Jag går in och kikar hos er lite titt som tätt. Fyller mig med energi och gör att jag kan se framåt med glädje. Dessutom måste vi ha de där stövlarna 🙂

  2. How fun to have personalized stuff like that!!

  3. Hi Christina,

    Can you please email me your address so I can send you the Soapnuts? 😀 That chair Vince is sitting in is sooooooo cool. And what a cutie pie he is…sure you hear that 50,000 times a day!

  4. Hejsan

    Länge sedan jag var här inne och tittade.
    Vad stor Vince har blivit!
    Roligt att läsa allt du skriver.

    /Lena med Linnéa o Agnes

  5. that is the coolest chair ever!!! wish i had one for me! lol

  6. Hi,

    Look at Vince, wow! He’s such a big boy. I bet he enjoys the new chair too… How are you all doing??

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