For the first time in forever I have the day off. And I am doing absolutely nothing. Took Vince to day care in the morning and loaded the slow cooker, since then I have not  moved out of the couch. Nice.

Yesterday on the other side was busy. I got a hold of the eye clinic, and got Vince an appointment there in December (next open spot). Bookie found a ergo therapist for Vince (long story short – but after the other one suggested I had therapy I skipped going back…), and we got set up for the follow up sleep study. Now I just need to find some more info on DS and the neck to get the neck x-ray set up. Then we should be cleared off a whole list of to-do’s.

2 Responses

  1. Ack. Jag som är stolt som en höna för att jag idag hunnit plocka ur diskmaskinen, plockat undan tvätten OCH badat Eskil. Känns som ett helt veckoprojekt. Blir det bättre??? Om inte, snälla ljug.

  2. Det blir bättre Emma! Idag har jag t ex hunnit kolla på ett halvt avsnitt av Rachel Ray (suger, f ö ), ätit en hel påse Gott & Blandat samt pillat mig i naveln säkert två-tre ggr. Livet leker! ;0)

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