Last year it was Akido (for pics proof click link), this year Vince is more into fencing. Who knows what the future may hold?


Getting ready. This sport require good spirits.


A helmet is always very important


Making sure it stays on.


Practicing different movements. He was born a natural fencing talent for sure.

11 Responses

  1. Kors i krösamoset- ungen har talang för ALLT ju! Blir så avis…

  2. Vince is looking just gorgeous! Fencing is a great sport – I saw some when the olympics were in SYdney.

  3. That boy has skillz! :o) I agree…he’s a natural!

  4. Håller med Alexandra i allt. 🙂

    Och jag älskar att ni har tjock-TV precis som vi! Är vi de sista på jorden? Plus Ballex också. Puss!

  5. Ha! Vi har också tjock-TV! Kanske borde gå samman i någon slags klubb. Och Kicki, tack för grattiset. Hoppas oxå vi ses snart. Puss

  6. VA? Fler med tjockis-TV! Otroligt ju. Men jag slår vad om att vi är de enda med lukt-TV… Smellyvision, lixom… Tack vare förre ägarens katt som pissade i TV:n. Najs…

    Stort grattis till sonen, Emma! Hoppas ni mår väl.


  7. Grattis Emma – har du redan hunnit hem från BB och in på nätet?! I’m impressed. Kram från oss.

  8. Ah and Vince is for sure a stylish boy. Whenever I see his outfits (the shirt is adorable yet again) I want to have all of it for my nephew (same age).

    Obviously Mommy has an amazing taste!

  9. fencing, uh? wonder what will be next!! oh and LOVE his new boots!!!

  10. I guess giving him his own foil would be bad news for the living room. 😉
    It’s a great sport to get involved in Vince, go get ’em!

  11. OMG – so darling! So darn cute!!! Such a sports boy! I also love the pics with his AWESOME boots … Nicolas is wearing his, too, right now. Weather is ugly 😉

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