It may look innocent, but he is actually eating Wasa Knäckebröd (that crumbles really bad) on Bookie’s side of the bed 🙂 He loves his boots like I said…


6 Responses

  1. Ah, pappsen får en trevlig överraskning ikväll då när han ska lägga sig, eller? *hihi*

  2. What a beautifully blue room.
    What’s daddy going to say about those crumbs?
    We have Wasa bread in Canada too!

  3. hehe! He does look so innocent!

    This website was sent out from one of our local groups and I thought of you – it’s about Ginko Biloba and some other things that were studied…pretty interesting; I’m considering GB now too!

  4. Nämen, vänta lite nu. DIN son, älskar skor?? Kan väl ändå inte stämma. Låter ju JÄTTE osannolikt.
    Läskigt med knäckebröd i sängen.

  5. Too cute….we love Wasa too!!! Except not the crumbs, especially in bed!

  6. Boots and bicuits on Bookie’s side of the bed? I’m sure he loved that!

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