Dressed Like a Prince

Vince loves new shoes and when he woke up today (third time this week that he woke up after 6,30) he got the new boots I brought home last night. He loved them. He cried when I took them off for breakfast. These boots are actually super cool, they are rubber boots, so totally water proof, and they are warm as they also have a neoprene membrane. Way better than the Allväderstövlar (All-Weather-Boots, I think you have to be Swedish to squirm over this one) we had to use as kids. The design is very fitting for a Prince too. Other designs are hearts, checked and one colored. Let me know if you want to order a pair!
Fit for a Prince

Just because he has boots does not mean he does not get clothes… It is just that we are working on that potty thing, and naked seems the best way to do it in the mornings.

10 Responses

  1. Hm. Har inget minne av allvädersstövlar. Har jag förträngt eller slapp jag? Bodde ju å andra sidan inte i otillgänglig Ursutbygd utan i urban pingstkyrketrakt. Fina stövlar i alla fall. Puss

  2. Jag slapp faktiskt också de där allvädersstövlarna, men skrattade gott åt kompisarna som var tvungna att ha dem… Redan då, som liten och totalt unaware about design, fattade man alltså att allvädersstövlar var helt ute. Haha! De här bootsen var däremot sketans coola!

  3. Elsa måste nog få ett par med hjärtan, underbara!

  4. Those are too cool! Joey would LOVE those, I’ll have to check the US Vincent Shoes shop for a pair!

  5. HEY! Love these. So, do you ship to the US? I see that Jess notes that you have a shop here in the states?

    Shoes are my favorite thing in the entire world. Can I open a franchise for you here in Nebraska? 🙂

  6. Um?? Should have clicked on your link in the post! Tee Hee.

  7. Attans snygg boots, Vince! Liam hälsar och säger att det bästa sättet att potträna är naken! Han har varit torr i över ett halvår nu, men vill fortfarande helst inte ha boxershorts på sig om han inte måste. Naken är bäst!

  8. Just ordered three pairs. 🙂 Under hubby’s name – Jeff.

  9. Too cool. Joe would love a pair. I’ll have to check out the website.

  10. Tages Mini Jimmysar (remember Jimmyyyyy, btw??!! *hihi*) var på reklambild i Vi Föräldrar idag! Can’t wait to put them on!

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