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This afternoon did so not go as planned… I originally had Vince scheduled for a hair cut yesterday at 4.30pm, but the store was busy like crazy, and there was not a chance I could leave at 4 as planned. I actually had to call in extra people. Which is good. The darling hair cut lady was able to postpone his appointment till today. there is only one lady good enough to handle my son’s hair. We got there, I had the necessary bribes (juice box and cookies) and we sat down. That was pretty much when he** broke loose. Vince did so not want to get his hair cut, and it is fair to say that he won that battle. Three cuts (during the course of 10 min) was all we could get. The kid was hysterical. No clue why, but clearly throwing a tantrum worth an Oscar. Cause as soon as he realized we were leaving, he was as happy as a lark. Signing and singing all the way home in the car.
So – AGAIN – his hair is only cut in the back. His hair grows like grass. We just had it cut 3 weeks ago, and now it is already way down in his eyes (which he hates).
We got home and I decided to make an apple cake as the garden is full with yummy ripe apples. So we went and picked them, Vince picked them all alone. And he got himself one to eat too. The branches are so low that he could reach them. Inside we went to prepare and too late I discovered there was not enough sugar. I did run upstairs and got some from a neighbor though, so it turned out OK. Vince loved it.
To tip the evening off, we had a major poop issue. Vince was ready to go, sat on the potty but got overly excited while watching Baby Signing Times and wanted to stand up and wave good bye as the train is driving away (My Favorite Thing song), he did this just as he finished his business. The result was not optimal as in where it landed. And of course I could not tell him that as he actually, kind of went, right?
Good stuff being a toddler mom!

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  1. Liam var också sån när han var liten, men sen helt plötsligt en dag när han var ca 2,5 år så var det helt plötsligt ingen katastrof att bli klippt längre…Så det kommer säkert att gå över för Vince också. Annars får du väl klippa honom när han sover…

  2. Vilken kille han är din lilla buse. Krama honom från oss. Idag ska vi hälsa på Noah och hans mamma. Och imorgon börjar jag jobba igen… Puss.

  3. Heja Bajs-Vincent!!! Hahahaha! ;0)

  4. We could be two peas in a pod, I tell ya! We went in for a haircut last week and the EXACT same thing happened- a tantrum worth recording! This time though I held him long enough as he sobbed to get the hair in the front cut as well(we started w the front this time around actually). As soon as we stopped torturing this little boy, he had a balloon and lollipop in hand as though nothing had happened. UGH!

    I say put a barette on his hair to keep it away from his eyes and just smile.. ;o)

  5. Hej!

    Tittar in här och läser om den lille prinsen ibland – idag med ett gapskratt! Heja Vincent!

    Har en liten prins själv, en Milo på 16 månader, med extra kärlekskromosom. Det är härligt att läsa om Vincent och se hur fint han verkar må!.Jag kan bara hoppas att det blir lika bra för vår lille kille!

  6. Hi Christina!!

    So glad to hear from you! I hope you are doing well! I am actually re-doing Jaden’s blog as I sit here and type this! I have been getting so many emails and phone calls regarding this lately.

    I’ll just start by saying, I understand completely how you feel when you hear comments like that! You smile so big on the inside, yet feel a bit sad for those who may not be doing so well. I deal with this all of the time. In fact, I had to switch one of Jaden’s therapists a year ago because her own daughter had Down Syndrome, and would often get depressed and not want to hear about Jaden’s amazing progress because it was so different from her own experience with her daughter which was much more challenging. When people categorize Jaden as having ‘special needs’ or being ‘developmentally delayed’, I always correct them for these are people who have never met Jaden. I always let them know that Jaden is in no way a child with special needs or developmentally delayed. He is perfect in every way and has a personality and an independence that is greater than I could ever want in a child. I have always felt this way about Jaden, ever since he was just a few months old and he rolled over. I knew he would be ‘ok’.

    Obviously, having as much reassurance as possible, is always nice. I love seeing him reach certain milestones just to have the comfort of knowing it’s one less thing I have to worry about. Yet the irony is, I think I have a lot more to worry about with my 9 year old ‘typical’ daughter! 🙂

    I started studying health, nutrition and prevention avidly about 5 years ago. I have always leaned towards a holistic lifestyle, yet was also a bit hypocritical. I grew up in California, so I was exposed to holistic philosophies from early on, yet rebelled against the ‘granola’ mentality as well. Soon after Jaden was born I started researching supplementation and Down Syndrome. Just to let you know, I am not a big believer in supplementation, in general. In fact, I don’t take any supplements myself, other than a probiotic. I actually believe that supplements are one of the biggest lies of the last few decades and the truth is, most people don’t even understand what they’re taking. Many health guru’s get paid big money to endorse products and put out their own brands of supplements. It’s mostly a bunch of BS! If people really knew where most vitamins come from, CHINA, and that they are un-regulated and come over in huge multi gallon barrels, in loose powder form, they would be more hesitant before taking them. I have found only a few reputable supplement companies, in the united states that can prove and show where all of their outsourced raw materials come from, and they stand up to third party, un-biased testing. Very few companies could even tell you where they get their raw supplements from.

    With all of that being said, trust me when I tell you, practically no one has done more research on this subject that me! I started Jaden on Nutrivene D, a multi vitamin supplement that has lots of great ingredients in it, when he was 3 months old. We never looked back since. The fact is, every baby/child with Down Syndrome is prone to immune system issues, no matter how healthy they are or how perfect their heart is. Just by the nature of the disease, immune system issues go hand in hand with this diagnosis. 80% of the immune system is located in the digestive tract. The digestive tract in babies/children/people with DS is almost ALWAYS, lactose intollerant and gluten intollerant to varying degrees. If parents knew, from the get go, to put their kids on mostly gluten free/dairy free diets they would avoid MOST of the illnessess that often plague our children. It’s just a fact. I really believe that Jaden is as healthy as he is, (never had an ear infection and he’s been in pre-school for over 1 year), because we follow this diet with him most of the time, AND he’s on supplements. Because our children have a weakened immune system, this formula only HELPS!

    Do I think supplements ‘cure’ DS, obviously that’s obsurd. I know for 100% fact, based on all of the studies, that supplements can only help, not hurt our kids, as long as they are the right, high quality ones. Now, on to Ginkgo.

    When Jaden was about 16 months, I started reading about parents who were using Ginkgo with their kids, to amazing results. I was so fascinated being that Ginkgo is a natural herb, and not a synthetic pharmeceutical drug. I called the Dr. heading some of the studies and had a long conversation with me. She said that the researchers at Stanford University were starting to see amazing results in some of their patients with Alzheimers and some with Down Syndrome. So, she tried it with her own son and started seeing amazing, instant results as well. Her child was 10 at the time. Then I talked to other parents to hear first hand accounts and the stories were equallly inspiring. If in fact half of the nuerons in the brain of a baby with DS die by the time they are 6 months old, and Ginkgo increases blood flow and memory retention, why not try this on my son!? The worst that could happen is he gets a tummy ache or it doesn’t work. So, at a year and a half, we tried a small dosage on Jaden. The results were instantaneous. As advanced and bright as Jaden already was, it was as if a light bulb went off in him and he became even more alive. His response time when calling his name went from a few second delay, to an instant answer. My husband and I couldn’t believe what we were seeing! It literally only took an hour to work! From that day forward we have never looked back. Jaden has never had one single adverse reaction to it and is as healthy as a horse! Also, he’s in a typical pre-school class where every day the teachers are completely astonished at what he does! They tell me everyday something he did, that many of the other kids don’t even do yet! For example, Jaden is not only reading the alphabet he is sight reading! He knows his colors, shapes, animals etc. Just like any 3-1/2 year old. His speech is phenominal, and is truly the only real noticable delay, to which even that is mild.

    I just can’t say enough about it. I truly believe that starting him on Ginkgo, so early, has helped his brain develop more ‘normally’. I just feel like I need to give him every advantage I can. It’s a big world, and all I want is want any parent wants. For my child to be happy, healthy and independent when the time comes, and to this I no longer have any doubts. I know Jaden will drive, have jobs, get educated, have a girl friend, live independently etc. I also know that this is controversial, but so is everything in it’s beginning stages! I am one of the first parents in the world to put my child with DS on Ginkgo, and at such a young age, but if that makes me a maverick, then I’ll gladly take the title. I hope that in a few years, people will have more proof that this is a life changing, all natural therapy, that really works for our children. Until then people can watch and see how Jaden turns out. So far, he’s more than we could have ever dreamed of, and we are prouder than any parents have the right to be!

  7. P.S. Hope this helps, and feel free to contact me for any more information, any time!!!! Hugs to Prince Vince!

  8. Gotta love being a toddler mom!!

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