Sweden Pics

Vince with dad

Thea, one hot chick with style!

Vincent’s new friend Tage

One more hot chick with eyes to melt in, Lowa

The three former au pairs/nannies (1996-1997 Atl, USA) Idha, Alexandra, Me.

Vince playing in my old play house.

The au pairs with kids: Idha and Lowa, Alexandra and Tage, and Vince and I. Vince was not co operating and there were three diff cameras to look into 🙂

Lowa and Vince checking Signing Times out

DSC03773 1
Not-so-great shot of mom and cute Vince on a beach in Värmland. He LOVED running in and out of the water there. He stayed till his little lips turned blue almost, then threw a fit when we got him up.

After swimming we went to my Grandma’s. Vince was amazing, after eating (including eating peas with a fork with a 99% sucess rate) he slipped of his chair and went and sat by the piano where he carefully played (i.e not banged the poor piano like his mother did at the same age).

Me, my Grandma (who is 97), Bookie and Vince

Short clip w Vince swimming and playing w dad

Vince playing the piano

5 Responses

  1. Coolt med en lill-Mozart i familjen! Trevlig helg!

  2. Men HERRE MIN GUD! Låter du barnet leka i URSUTHUSET??? Tur att han är i gott förvar (eller??) i Italien/ Rumänien annars hade jag konfiskerat sonen.

  3. Men för Guds skull Kicki, kom hem till Sverige igen- vi saknar er!!!

  4. Tycker det ser ut som att det är dags att köpa ett piano till den lille sonen.

  5. when did Vincent get so grown up!? Look at him playing the piano too -such concentration – you’ve got a pianist on your hands!

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