Back in the Alps

We had the BEST time in Sweden. Met wonderful family and friends and just relaxed. Exactly what was needed. I forgot the camera at home, so pics will be posted later. Instead, I am starting with a blog tag from Vardagspussel. I took the honor of translating it 😉

What book did you last read?
Pope Joan by Donna Cross. I know, it is totally crazy – I read a historic book… It has a very simple explanation – I was out of anything to read and had to venture into Bookie’s side of the bookshelf…

Which book will you start to read next?
I just started Åseby Denise Rudberg, I have to find out what happens to the gang…

Is it mostly male or female authors in your bookshelf?
I am guessing 50/50 approx.

When you read a book do you count down how many pages you have left or do you think ‘now I have a third to go’ etc?
Counting pages.

How do you choose which books to read? Cover, tips fr friends, blogs, bestsellers etc?
I usually find an author I like and then I read everything by that person. I do like the Top-10 lists and I get tips fr friends. And I do judge the books by its cover.

When is a book too long?
A book that I just can’t get in to.

Do you rather read English or Swedish? (I am interested what my taggers will say 🙂 )
Swedish/Scandinavian authors in Swedish, the rest in English.

Which book were the latest one you read that you want to convince all your friends to read?
Hmm…I really liked Tokyoby Mo Hayder… Very very different and good.

Do you quit reading a book that you find boring?
Nope, never.

Which genre is over represented in your bookshelf? 
We do read all types of books, but I am guessing we have more mystery-books than anything else.

Recomend 5 authors?
Anna Gavelda, Banana Yoshimoto, Karin Fossum, Liza Marklund, Conny Wenk

So my 3 tags are:
Cate at I don’t know what to Say
Tricia at Unringning the Bell
Karen at Where there is a Will (I will get to your meme next )

3 Responses

  1. glad to hear you had such a great time on your get away!!!

  2. älskade att ha dig i samma land, Sverige är tomt utan dig. Puss.

  3. Ja, och nu blir Sverige snart RIKTIGT tomt när även Idha lämnar landet… :0(

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