Not bad…

I rode my bike to work this morning. It is about 22km/13miles! The route is nice through the city, and along the river. Then I did get lost a little and the only one I found to ask was a somewhat confused old man. But he kind of explained it, and in the end I made it to my shop and on time.

Bookie and Vince went on a mini-vacation to some friends in southern Austria. They are having a blast swimming, biking, and playing. Yesterday when they arrived there were 6 kids there already and Bookie said Vince was doing great playing with the other kids. You may not think that is a biggie, but see it is. The interaction and the playing with other kids is not something we took for granted.
Vince is in day care as you know, and all alone. No special person assigned to him and any hour of the day (which some kids with DS have). So I have been a bit worried if he participates in playing with the other kids or if he is just hanging with them. The day care people say that he does play well and that he shares etc. The other kids are very protective of him too. If someone takes a thing Vincent was playing with, the kids will fight whoever took it and give it back to Vince, claiming Vincent had that.They [day care] told me all that. And I have noticed that Vince has been very good with other kids, like giving unexpected hugs at the bbq a few weeks ago to the baby girl he met, but still it felt good to hear that he was interacting so well with all new kids yesterday.

As for me, I am home alone till Wedn or Thursday! I had to set the alarm this morning. Wicked feeling!

4 Responses

  1. Jag vill också ha en unexpected hug av Vincent!!! Avis… =(

  2. Whooo hoooo – alone time 🙂 Gotta love that! and WTG Vince on your play skills! Christina – that is wonderful!!! Brady still isn’t so great with social skills and we’ve been working on playing WITH other kids and not just beside them. I’m so happy for you guys! Hope Bookie and Vince are having a great time, and that you enjoy your mommy time but have a great time when Vince gets home 🙂

  3. Yay Vince! I worry about the social stuff a lot. It’s good to hear he’s doing so well.

    And yay you, for sleeping in and for riding your bike! that’s great.

  4. Seeing the interaction is great. Addison gets sometimes overwhelmed with processing all the info. I can see it in his face as he registers what’s going on. As he warms up it’s a joy to watch him swing between his own space and being with others.

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