Sunday Fun

We got an early start today [like every other day too] and went for a bike ride along the river into the city. At Franziskanerplatz we had bagels and smoothies at Baristas. As we were early, there were not so many people there and Vince could chase the pigeons all alone in the square.
Vince getting ready, of course he wears a helmet too.

Bookie and Vince [mainly] chasing pigeons on Franziskanerplatz, Graz.

On the way back Vince fell a sleep in his chair and he actually stayed a sleep when I carried him in, and slept for another 2 hours. Nice. So we also got a good nap.

After that we went to an apple yard and had some good food and played on their play ground before we went back home and just played in the garden. I am hoping he burned enough calories for an other night of good sleep…
Vince at the apple place

I know you can’t see much in this pic, but it is funny if you are Austrian. Vince, like a true Steirer LOVES Käferbohnen (it’s a type of bean). We ordered a Käferbohnen-salad for him, as usual, and he ate the whole thing. He loves snacking on them. He also ate pickles, the fresh horse raddish, liver pate, apples and eggs – all with gusto.

At the play ground

On the tramploine w mom. He loves jumping [on his own] on those things. They have one at day care that he loves.

5 Responses

  1. Vilken mysig dag ni verkar ha haft. Min dag har bestått av ett endast långt skrik och brål med Liam…argh! Och Matt han bara jobbar och jobbar. Har inte haft en ledig dag sedan 12 juli…Aningen bitter är man för tillfället!

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog when browsing blogs that have some connection with Down Syndrome. Our son Tuscan also has DS. I was intrigued to read that Vince has Translocation 21;21. I’ve been learning about DS and the different ways it occurs and Vince’s type is so rare.
    You have a beautiful son, I look forward to more stories and wonderful pictures.

  3. Haha, bilden på dig och Vince på studsmattan är ju kul! Vince ser helt vansinnig ut!!! *haha*

  4. Vince – you are just tooo cute!!! If we ever get to Austria (possibly in 3 years – yayy!) We so want to meet you!

  5. Oh, looks like a lot of fun – HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!

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