Oh no, not me. I have my own business, alas no vacation – yet. But Bookie is off for 3.5 weeks as of today. So him and Vince are hanging around, going on little excursion, swimming, biking etc. But soon I get to join them… We are all flying to Sweden for almost a week on Aug 12th. Can’t wait!

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  1. WELLCOME to Sweden
    Mormor och morfar

  2. Vi kan inte heller vänta! Läääängtar! Puss från oss.

  3. Måste kännas jätteskönt att få komma hit igen. Hoppas bara ni får fint väder också! Själv så börjar jag jobba igen den 11/8 efter min drygt årslånga “semester”… 😉

  4. Ska bli såååå underbart att få träffa er igen! Miss ya!

  5. Hi Christina!
    Just read about your sleepless nights – I kinda had the same issues with Ramona. She’s always been a good sleeper, but when she was almost 2 1/2 y old, she suddenly started crying in her bed, asking us to stay with her, waking up at night, etc. I did so a couple of nights and figured, since she was laughing and crying out in her sleep, that she was starting to dream or at least that she was somehow subconciously realizing she was dreaming.
    So I bought a night light which is now switched on throuhgout the night, stayed with her (in her bed) for some time but then told her I had to put on my pyjamas etc. (and shortened the time until I left), and left the door wide open. Sometimes I even stayed in the door for her to see me until she fell asleep.

    Now the light is still switched on, I stay for a couple of minutes with her, and when I leave, I close the door again. She sometimes comes to our room at night and then I lie down with her in her bed, but again for just a couple of minutes.

    Well it works for the moment… Hope you get some better sleep soon…

    Bye, Nicole

  6. Ska bli så roligt att träffa er när ni kommer hem!!

    Stora kramar fr Angela o Thea

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