Crazy Week

Bookie is in Korea again – the whole week – coming back Sunday morning. Of course the toilet had to break this week (B I can’t believe I forgot to tell you that on the phone!!! – but it did). The land lord tried to tell me that every plumber she knows is on vacation. So then I told her I will find my own and send her the bill. Miraculously she found one that showed up within 24 hrs…
This is also the week I had to do some financial year end reporting for my store to the bank. That came and went well.
Vince baby sitter is a life saver! Turns out she needed some more practical work hours (she is studying to be an EI), so she doubled up during Vince EI and then took him to day care afterwards on Tuesday. She also picked him up from day care quite a few days this week.
I am working a meek 45 hour week in the store this week.
Turns out this was the week my sucky cash register company decided to do the necessary upgrade. Well, he stood me up twice, so I guess that will have to happen some other time.

But at least Vince has decided to get up bright and early every single day this week. I am talking 4.45-5.00ish here. So we did get to have some quality time.
Hey, dad called me!!!

Handling the out side steps all alone. On the way to day care this morning. And yes, we do like stripes.

Vince and the Vince-mobile

6 Responses

  1. Du är helt fantastisk som fixar allt på egen hand när Bookie måste vara iväg! Jag piper som en liten mesunge när Tage vaknar vid 6 på morgonen… och då tar ändå Stefan honom! HAHAHA!

  2. You are one busy woman! At least you have cute little Vince to cheer you along!

  3. I love the stripes…you have got to tell me where you found the pants…are they by Zutano? I cannot find anything cute like that for Jack without some character plastered all over it!

  4. Du är ju erfaren, men jag ska vara själv med barnen näst nästa vecka, då min man åker i väg med jobbet. Jag undrar vad som kommer hända oss då 🙂

    Elvira vaknade också vid kl 5 förut. Martin satte svarta sopsäckar för fönstret, bakom rullgardinen. Superfult, men det blev mörkt och vips så somnade hon om och sov till kl 7. Så mörkläggning kan ju vara ett tips, om ni inte redan tänkt på det. I dag åkte dock sopsäckarna ut och ersattes av gardiner, dra-för-längder. Inte lika mörkt men värt ett försök tycker estetmamman.

  5. Wow, look at him go on the stairs!

    Abby has that same NY t-shirt — I’ll have to get a pic of her in it.

    (BTW, I’m sending you an email to the hotmail addy I have for you…be on the lookout.)

  6. Wow! He is really ruling those stairs, isn’t he?

    And the Vince Mobile. lol.

    I hope your store is doing amazingly well!

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