Vinc and I went to the eye doctor yesterday for his eye check up. We had to wait for over an hour – he was the only kid – and he was behaving marvellously. He charmed all the pensionsistas and just behaved SO well. Very comforting, especially since I did start reading the Memorykeeper’s Daughter, and now I am paranoid enough to think that the whole older population of the world would think similarly to the school board where they argued for full inclusion. But Vince charmed them all did not throw any fits. As opposed to when we were waiting for speech last week and he was a horror,  a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e HORROR.

When it finally was his turn, the Dr looked at his eyes and declared come back in 6 months. The nurses at the place are all very nice, but the Dr himself is just plain rude. Sure he does a good job, but it is not that easy to get a 2 year old to sit still and look into the little light he was shining in his eye. The Dr just got very impatient and told me to hold him harder… So, it made me a bit mad. I mean, come on, after waiting for that long, give the kid a 30s break to calm down when he is being forced in a weird position. So now I am thinking about calling an other place and put us on a waiting list. We have 6 months time anyways. We have been at this Dr since Vince was 6 weeks old, but it should be easy enough to transfer his journal. I think that is what I will do…

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  2. Hello Christina, I’ve scanned your Blog with interest because I am half Swedish, half German, lived in Switz 2 years, member of Austria Club in WA state, and I have a mentally handicapped sister and have a lifetime of looking for Docs that take the time and patience to actually DO something during an appointment: neurologists, dentists, even urologists (if you’re a profoundly mentally retarded adult under the care of the state, it’s impossible to find medical help who will address bladder infections). Thank you for noting rudeness–it exists. Thank you for your photos of a Christmas tree with real candles–I haven’t done that for about a decade, and I miss it! As for the screaming when someone puts something that stings in your eye….don’t blame Vinny at all. I just watched Youtube short of Dustin Hoffman as Rainman NOT getting on the airplane (he would MAYBE take a Quantas flight). Worth a look. Tom Cruise thought he was being impossible, but I think Rainman has his own sense of survival. Wish I could teach PEOPLE to appreciate the different behaviors we use to protect ourselves, sometimes uncommon sense prevails.

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