I picked up Vince fr day care the other day, I had called ahead and said I was running late due to severe storms. No worries, got there on time and the teacher that was still there went on a big gossip deal about some of the other parents. So to the point that I was thinking, Holy Macaroni, what does she say about us? I just kind of said yes, yes and tried to get Vince ready to head out the door.
Then she tells me:
But you guys have to do something about Vincent’s hair.
About his hair, I said? What is wrong with his hair?
Well that hair cut does not fit him at all! It doesn’t fit his face.

I was a bit flabbergasted, so I did not say much. But HELLO it is MY kid! Can’t believe she said it! She was not my favorite before, and that did not make her climb the popularity ladder either…

18 Responses

  1. I think he’s so cute just the way he is! I can’t believe the hair comment. I can’t even cut Kayla’s hair without it looking awful. Try cutting a four year old’s hair as she’s running away from you down the hallway! It always comes out uneven!

  2. Men herregud vilken taktlös människa. Förstår att du blev mållös.

  3. She must have him confused with some other Vince. He’s adorable and his hair is perfect.

  4. Tell her to stick it up her arse. Vince has beautiful hair. 😀

    This is Anji from The Orion Chronicles by the way, it’s just that WordPress uses my primary blog as my link here. I wish I could set it to be different when commenting on different blogs!

  5. Vilket praktpucko. Sådana kommentarer är inte värda att besvaras. Puss på er!

  6. Huh, actually I rarely comment here, but just to give my opinion – there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with his haircut. I sneak by your blog about once a week for a year now and the thought never came to me.

    Maybe you should just walk by her tomorrow and tell HER, she’s supposed to do something about HER haircut which does not fit her face at all. I wonder how she would react to that 😉

  7. Vince är givetvis söt i precis vilken frisyr som helst, men det spelar ingen roll- tantan ska bara hålla snattran om sånt! :0(

  8. what an odd, and rude, thing to say! There is nothing wrong with Vince’s hair – he’s adorable!

  9. Alltså, med risk att stöta mig med en hel nation (sorry Bookie, YOU look smashing).. modetips från en österrikare??? Vincent är übersöt, tanten bara avundsjuk.

  10. Folk är ju inte kloka!

    Det vore fö ganska kul om du smetade i en massa vax eller spray och gjorde värsta tuppkammen eller något på honom nästa gång han ska dit. Bara för att se reaktionen liksom.. 😀

  11. Håller med Jenny! Vilken grej! 🙂

  12. Dummerweise fallen einem in diesen Situationen oftmals nicht die passenden Worte ein… Aber wie ich dich einschätze, hast du ihr die passende Antwort noch übermittelt!! Vincent ist super, so wie er ist (und auch mit seinen Haaren!)!!!

    LG (speziell von Eddy an Vince!)

  13. Märklig människa!!!!
    Inte särskilt smartatt uttrycka sig så.

    Hälsa henne från mig att Vincent är ursöt i sin frisyr ochh den klär honom verkligen.

    Hur är hennes egen frisyr????

    Puss från Mormor

  14. Tell her that she should do something about her attitude and her gossip. That behaviour doesn’t suit to be around children. And I guess that wasn’t the things she learnt in school.

  15. She’s sounds like and idiot to me. Vince is perfect…she needs to back off!

  16. Hej Christina,
    Förstår din reaktion.
    Vincent är jättefin! Om han så inte hade haft ett strå på huvudet hade han varit superkillen Vincent, just för att han är han.
    Man blir alltid lika förvånad över människor som tror att de har mandat på att få tycka och dessutom har den dåliga smaken att uttala sig utan att man bett om det!
    Tack förresten för att du skriver så underbart fint på din blogg. Jag är ofta inne och läser!
    Soliga hälsningar
    Izas farmor Åsa

  17. Is this an older woman? It seems that some older women have strong opinions about children’s hair. I recall my grandmother felt that a girl’s fringes (or bangs — the short hairs on the forehead) should be at least an inch above the eyebrows, and in summer little boys should have “crew cuts” (nearly shaved heads). She would constantly “suggest” to mothers that they trim their children’s hair.

  18. What??!!!??!! I LOVE Vince’s hair! She doesn’t know anything!

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