On That Speech Thing

Take a look for yourself, the kid obviously wants to do the talking around here. He will pick up a cell phone (he now has his own Sony Ericsson – a former of mine) and he walks around talking into it. It is a life saver. For example this morning as I was trying to take a really quick shower, I heard him playing with the sink. He loves water and especially the sink. He climbs up on the toilet and from there he reaches to the water faucet. So I hear him turning the water on and off (which somehow short cuts the water in the shower and makes it freezing cold/scolding hot), I look out of the shower to see him sitting in the sink. Diaper still on… So, half showered I put him on the floor, found the cell phone and let him play with that. That allowed for a 5 min shower.
He is really good at picking up signs and I am amazed that I have stuck with it. Signing seemed very complex and overwhelming when we first were informed about it. I thought we would try it out, but I did not think we would stick to it! But we did, and he picks up new signs every day. It really is great to see what he wants and to realize he understands it.
Later on in the morning we were doing our regular morning session of signing. I will say a word and aks if he can say it. He then signs it. I asked can you say FISH and he signed FISH. Can you say BOAT and he signed BOAT AND SAID boat (in Swedish). I asked again if he could say BOAT and he signed it and SAID it again!!!! Of course I ran for the camera and tried to get him to say it again but then he was off fighting with a dinosaur thingie. So instead enjoy this clip of Vince talking on the phone – and yes he is ON the table…

9 Responses

  1. SÖÖÖT! Men allvarligt Kicki, inte funderat på att tvaga sonen? Gudmor börjar bli orolig..

  2. How sweet is that!!!! Have him call me! Have him call me!!!!! 🙂

  3. Vad bra att Vince också tycker om att prata i telefon. Då kan ju Melia låtsasringa mer än Daddy och Mormor nu ju…

  4. I should be better with the sign. Vince is setting a good example for me.

    (Graz sounds fun! I will investigate.)

  5. Oh E would love to talk to the Prince on the phone, too bad we are so far away.

    She also adored being on TOP of the table.


  6. Oh my gosh he is TOO CUTE!! He really looks like he’s having a little conversation! I wish I had sound on my computer at work to hear him! 🙂

  7. He’s so cute! and I’m glad to hear the signing is coming along so well!

  8. Det lyser bus om honom! Elvira gillar också telefonen, hon säger hej, hej samtidigt som hon nickar med huvudet och ger den till någon av oss. Fjärrkontrollen funkar också som telefon. Det var nytt för mig 🙂

  9. I have that same phone!!! Mayson loves it to and is always saying “low low low”….. her version of “hello”!

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