Mastering All Types of Skills

We do wash him every night… this was after dinner and before bath time…

This little kid had his 2-year check up yesterday and it went well. Vince even showed off some advanced signing and the dr was mighty impressed. He is also back on his curve for weight, but he is still a little short (we use the regular curve, not the DS curve). We also agreed on skipping ergo therapy for now (can’t say i love that therapist) and decided to move along with 1 hr speech therapy every 2 weeks and 90 min EI every week. Other skills we are working on are:

House cleaning, here doing some vacuming

Fine motor skills, dipping chicken in very beloved mustard. We go through a bunch of mustard between this kid and his father

Multi-tasking here; working on fine motor skills – dialing and speech – talking.

Working on sleeping longer in the morning … pleeeeease Vince… really 5 am is early…

6 Responses

  1. Du kan knappast vara förvånad över att gossen är lite kort när du gjort MIG hans gudmor.

  2. He is SO cute! Hiding in those blankets, he’s almost cute enough that 5 AM would be okay.

    I’m glad he had a good checkup. Sounds like he’s doing really well!

  3. Vince is looking great!! I love the multitasking photo and the last snuggly one too!

  4. I have that same phone and Mayson loves to play with it. Are you sure he wasnt taking to her? lol!

  5. Gillar ungen senap??? *yuck*

  6. His bedding is adorable and so perfect for a Prince. 🙂

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