ASL Help Please

Vince is starting to really want to communicate more. As I am the one getting him ready in the morning, and the child does get up at the crack of dawn (or before zzzz), we do have about 3hrs before day care. It is a bit hard getting him to concentrate and not run of to some of his other toys when you try to talk/sign to him. Thankfully, he loves his bed and the last few days we have been crawled up there together reading books. This morning he surprised me by signing AIRPLANE when he saw the pic of an airplane – before I signed it. He is getting really good at signing after you and he picks up the signs really fast now. Other new signs includes socks, please (sometimes) thank you (sometimes), sleep, bath, brush teeth, sun, hot, cold, water, bike, food, cheese, apple – plus all the animal signs he know.

His spoken words are:
DOG vov vov
KATT (Cat in Swedish)
HORT (Horse)

He seems to understand all three languages spoken at home (Swedish, English and German). At least he acts on cues in all three languages. He still does not know abstract things very well and we are working on the hot/cold and such things. We have speech therapy starting again next week and we will do it 1 hr every 2 weeks, every week if I can beg my way into it with the therapist who is rather fully booked.

Now, this is what I need help with. I feel really bad for not having put together Vincent’s Signing Book for day care. They want to sign with him, but we have yet to put together some info for them. So what I am planning to do is take a picture of things he knows/likes, put it in a little photo album and also put the printed ASL sign for the picture next to it. But where can I find a print out of the ASL signs? I have been googling ASL but the links I find are so often with a little movie clip. We do have the flash cards from Signing Times, so I guess copying them would be an option, but I would prefer just two hands showing the sign. Any one have any ideas?

And anyone know which Signing Time volume is the one with brushing teeth, combing hair (The …every morning, every morning…song???

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  1. Hej, jag hittade din blogg och läser ibland, tack för att du delar med dig av ert liv! finns iaf några tecken med tecknade bilder, på Basic ASL: First 100 Signs

  2. Hello. I stumbled across your blog on the gifts site. Just thought I’d say hello. Your little guy is a cutie 🙂
    I know you can print out the ABC’s on this site. Not sure if you can print anything else. Maybe if you become a member.

  3. “My Day” has the signs for brushing teeth and getting dressed.

    You might want to get the Signing Time board books for his class. Teachers are allowed to show our DVD’s in class as well.

  4. You are looking for “Signing Time Volume 10 My Day”.

    You can also join the Signing Time Forums to connect with other parents using Signing Time. Join at

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