Crunch Time

Vince has pretty much been living in the little pool at day care the last few days. It has been so hot that the kids have been swimming from early in the morning. I thought the red eyes were from sun screen from his face (someone at day care seems to be putting it in his hair too) had washed off and ran in his eyes. But oh no, it is a good ol’ eye infection. Nasty one. That was what I realized yesterday when I picked him up… So the right thing to do would be to take him to the doctor. But you see they are on a strike yesterday and today. Only the ER is open… So instead we went to the pharmacy and begged till we got some eye drops. It was really crusty this morning when he woke up, so he got a day care free day and instead I brought him up to Bookie’s üarents where he wills pend the night! Bookie is coming back from India tomorrow and then we head up to his parent’s place too.

We went to the grocery store last night. Vince keeps climbing out, standing up, try to do a dance etc when he sits on the seat in the grocery cart. Therefore he gets to ride in the car. The trick is to try to get everything to stay IN The car as he prefers to throw it out. Yesterday as I was paying I realized he had sat on the new fresh loaf of bread, so I had to buy a flat loaf…

He did not want to sit in his chair at home either, so he sat on a real big chair. Simultaneously watching the Simpsons (we do not always watch TV at home – promise)

My Prince being a goof ball

3 Responses

  1. Sometimes I get tired just reading about Vince. What a monkey!

    I hope the eye infection clears up quickly.

  2. He is always such a busy guy and SO cute!

    I hope his eye gets better and Bookie returns home safely!

  3. Snygg skjorta!!! Och söt pojk så klart. 🙂

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