Just a Regular Morning

Vince surprised me this morning. As usual, after his Signing Time DVD  he watches Lucky Luke  and then The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. He is not so in to Baywatch that is up next… He loves Lucky Luke. I guess because of the dog and the horse. So during Lucky Luke time it is pretty much impossible to get him away from the TV. During Zack and Cody he is so into watching those twins that you can easily even brush his teeth. Anyways, Vince was running around in his diaper and I had put his cloth on the sofa. All of a sudden he sat on the sofa and ALONE started to put on his shorts!
He got it on almost a little bit right, but hey he did it all alone!

He continued to watch his shows and I was getting ready… All of a sudden I hear a familiar crash. Vince had gotten a hold of a bed side lamp [again] in our bedroom. So I ran in there to find him like this:

We had some pics taken of him when he was 7 months I think, and he loves looking at them. So do we. They hang on our bedroom wall. Somehow though, he figured out to climb up on the bed first, then the table, then stretch himself high enough out to reach the photo on the wall and rip it down. My kid is very talented!


5 Responses

  1. Och very SÖT!

  2. LOL… you two always brighten my mornings with your pictures. Go Vince! All boy, that is for sure,…

  3. Oh he looks very proud of himself! Talented indeed!

  4. Boys!!!!! 🙂

  5. LOL LOVE that 2nd picture!!!

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