Fine Motor Skills on the Rise

Vince fine motor skills seem to be gettinga  lot of practice these days. He likes to take up my cell phone, flip it open, dial a few numbers, hold it up to his ear and the talk a way. Usually trying to hide the phone. He also like little jars with lids and tries to open them, as well as sun screen bottles, lotion and other bottles he masters within seconds. Often with the result of a small mess…
The absolute favorite is the trash. Trying to get to it and trying to throw as much out (on the floor) in as short of a time as possible. However, he is also getting marginally better at putting things back. We are working on this one with the EI. This in combination with the garbage love my kid seems to have has lead to a loss of a few things. First it was one shoe that went missing. We finally figured out that he had thrown it away in his little trash can (used for diapers) and we had taken it out to the big garbage bin, and since long that shoe is living a lonely life some where else. Last week in the hospital there were 3 different garbage bins in the room. One for diapers, one for paper and one for other things. Vince loved them as they all had lids on them and they were in an optimal height for him. So he would take little pieces of bread and other small things to throw away. When it was time to leave, we looked for the car keys. Everywhere. Searched high and low, with no results. We asked the nurses and checked every where we had been but nothing… Looking down the garbage bins, they were all empty – the cleaning crew had already been by. We never did find the keys, and the only thing we can think of is that Vince threw them in one of the bins and then they were emptied… I was picking Vince and Bookie up from the hospital with the other car, so we were able to get home, but still we have not found that pair of keys…

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  1. Hihi. Tycker inte du ska klaga bara. När han blir tonåring och trotsig kommer han inte vilja städa alls. Detta är kansle var ni får. Bara att tacka och ta emot. Och placera värdesaker i vuxenhöjd. Puss

  2. Hej!

    Jag såg din kommentar på min sida! Kul att du hittat dit! Jag måste säga att jag har tjuvläst din blogg ganska länge nu och den är så fin, fin ut i fingerspetsarna! Det jag blir lite nyfiken på är hur det är leva med DS i Österrike, om det skiljer sig i synsätt från Sverige, både positivt och negativt. Det skulle vara intressant! Jag kommer vara en trogen läsare och det är fantastiskt vad många kontakter man knyter via webben! 🙂
    ha en skön dag!

    varma hälsningar
    caroline glantz

  3. Hehehehe – I am laughing out loud over here. Our little booger is doing much of the same only add that he climbs over anything in his way to make it as fast as he can to the dog food bowl and scoops up as much of it as possible, stuffs it in his face all the while looking for us to come around the corner. I have now replaced my glasses twice thanks to sticky-fingers-Sam – Hmmm….

  4. So funny! And I was already wondering why you call me with your cellphone 5 times a day – that’ll be an expensive one, hehe!

  5. I think my son has called China – twice!

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