Wow Factor

From May 2007 to April 28th 2008 Vince grew 5mm  (0,2 inches) and gained about 700g (1,5 lbs)  in weight (opposed to his mother who can gain that much in 15 min…). To my dismay his shoe size remained a constant 21. His foot did not grow 1 mm since I opened my store… On average (I know, BS, but still) a foot grows ca 2.0 cm /0,8inches per year in the second year for a child.

When we checked in at the hospital last week they measured him and weighed him as usual. And guess what, after his T&A surgery he has grown 4,5 cm (1.8 inches) and added 1 kg (2,2 lbs) to  a total of 84.5 cm/33.3inches and 11,5 kg/25,4lbs. Wohoo!!! So when he got home on Thursday I measured his feet, but oh no, still a steady 11,8 cm.

As the weather was boring yesterday, we decided we would go in to the city and look and Vincent’s Uncle’s new sculpture he has made for the city of Graz. So after Vince nap I got him ready with pants, shirt and socks. Got his Leo’s out, but could not get them on! So I tried his Stan’s, same thing. Not even the Djungel, or his Svante would fit him! So I got my foot measure thing out and guess what, his foot had grown 5 mm – a whole size – I swear since Thursday! So, instead of checking out the art of artist Wolfgang Bretter, we headed to the closed mall to get Vince some new shoes – size 22. So today he is looking stylish in his new Jimmy’s and we also chose a pair of new Jonas. And next weekend, we promise to check the sculpture out Wolfgang!

3 Responses

  1. My C & E’s feet don’t grow much. E has gained a LOT of weight and height since her t&a, but still no changes in shoe size. lol.

  2. Men oj. Ska han fortsätta sådär är han ju snart längre än sina föräldrar…Heja Vincent!

  3. way to go on the growth spurt! thats great! Maysons feet are still tiny.. a size 2/3….. tiny tiny tiny!!!

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