The biopsy showed nothing unusual in Vince tummy, but that is usually how it is. So now we are waiting for the lab results. They will be ready on June 19th. Vince is to eat like ha always has been. He was not up to much after yesterdays events, and as he was not eating and drinking in the afternoon they wanted to keep him for an extra night for observation. But today we were free to go, and we celebrated with a Happy Meal. I think his not eating and drinking was more of a personal protest than anything, he is not a big fan of hospital food…
Thanks for all the well wishes!

5 Responses

  1. I am happy to hear it all went well!! gotta love those happy meals!

  2. Hej! Precis kommit hem från semestern och först nu sett de fina korten på familjen. Fy sjutton vad han är söt sonen!! Han börjar dessutom bli sjukt lik Bookie. Att du är vacker som en dag är ju ingen nyhet. Puss

  3. Happy meal has many meanings! 🙂 Good luck as you go on with testing.

  4. …gotta love a Happy Meal!! Wishing the best for little Vincent!

  5. Everything will be fine!!! As is the Happy Meal, haha! I am so happy about the news!!!

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