Stuttgart Recap

It is almost impossible to put words to the amazing event when Conny’s new book Außergewöhnlich Väterglück was presented. Of course I am so incredibly proud of my boys who were pictured all over on fliers, invitations, and not least, of course the book’s front and back. But bigger than that must be the feeling of incredible luck to have been brought together with all these great people. Sitting in the audience and listening to some very proud parents, experts and gene expert all sharing incredible stories, where the only common thing between us is an extra chromosome, built me up with such a happiness that I can not describe. At the same time, I was also filled with a lot of almostsadness for all the people than will never experience something so mighty. And no I am not denying how much pain the diagnosis first caused us (check back in the archives May 2006 for example) but if I just had known then, that this was in front of us, I would no have shred many tears.
Click herefor the pics from the evening – then you get the expert edition 😉

Vince was posing 1 sec earlier, then he ran off 😉

My Prince!

Bookie reading his story from the book on stage

All fantastic dads and kids on stage

Afterwards Vince wanted to mingle with the older chicks

I finally caught fabulous Conny next to some of her fabulous pictures 🙂
The slogan says:
Down Syndrome? Right.
Down? Not at all!

You got to come prepared – that means with steering wheel on the stroller and bobby car in hand. The presentation lasted for about an hour and then mingling afterwards. But Vince was SO good! He finally fell a sleep around 9,30 pm. My feet were killing me by then, but Bookie and I (barefoot) strolled through Stuttgart at night and saw some nice street life and shared an ice cream.

Vince woke bright and early (5ish) and I used the moment to read the first amazing stories.

We did have some time to go shopping and also had a coffee break at Starbucks. Vince loved the fresh Pretzels.

Conny and Dennis – who celebrated his 23 birthday yesterday. He is the oldest who is featured in Conny’s book and a huge inspiration.

To Conny: Thank you for yet another great book and great pictures that helps change the way the world views our children. Thank you for letting us be part of this project and thank you for your inspiration! We miss you already!

And of course Ulli and Julia – it was great to chit chat live. I hope we get to meet soon again!

6 Responses

  1. Oh it looks like you had a wonderful time.

    xo r

  2. ROTFLOL – the picture of you and Prince Vince at 5pm in the bed just ROCKS!!!!!! I still have tears in my eyes laughing!!!!!
    It was so so so great seeing you again!!!! I guess the two of us should soon work on the English Edition of the book, hehe.

  3. Vilken härlig resa!!!
    Vet du om boken kommer översättas till engelska?
    Jag skulle gärna vilja läsa den.


  4. I’m glad you were able to make it there! I saw the new family pics on Conny’s site – just beautiful!

  5. Looks like you had fun. Cute kid, haha.

    Bets wishes,

  6. Ni verkar ha haft en underbar resa. Måste så klart kommentera på Vincents jättefina tröja…Saknar er!

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