We got the most lovely invitation in the mail:

Vince live with the invitaion in hand

Art by Conny

If you want to see Vince inviting people in Mexico, click here, if you want to see him inviting people in Germany, click here. My kid sure is a globetrotter 😉

8 Responses

  1. That is too cool! I love it!

  2. önskar vi kunde komma – jättefin inbjudan! puss.

  3. Vad söt han är! Ser lite förvånad ut över att se sig själv på bild!

  4. Man blir ju varm i hela hjärtat å änna ner i tårna!

  5. It looks great – I hope you have a blast!! I hope German Amazon get it in stock soon!

  6. Haha, so very CUTE!!!! OMG, I may just kidnap him on Thursday and have him stay with me … and then Juliana will kidnap him from me, I’m afraid, hehe.

  7. Vad söt han är!

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