This Stuff Only Happens to Me

Seriously, if this has EVER happened to you, fell free to leave a comment below:

Last weekend (May 11) was Mother’s day here in Austria. I got a gift certificate to a massage place from Vincent and Bookie. Yesterday, Vince and I went down town to have lunch with Carro. Right as I met Carro my cell rings, and I pick up. The number display showed private number. I was in the middle of a conversation w Carro (who is also Swedish) so when the man on the phone spoke German it took me a few seconds to connect. Anyways, he called about the massage I had receieved as a gift, and wanted to know if I had time that afternoon?
No, I didn’t, but I said I would call on Wednesday, then I would know more about when I would have time.
He said, do you have my number?
Well, it is on the gift certificate, isn’t it?
No it isn’t, write it down, he said.
Send me an SMS, I am in the city now, I said.
He then said, Ok, where are you from, you have an interesting accent?
I am from Sweden, I said.
Oh great, I am sure we will have a cozy time he said and hung up.

A bit surprised from the conversation I said to Carro, that was the massage guy. He said we would have a cozy time??? Is that normal, or did I misunderstand the word Kuschel? Carro has lived here way longer than me, and said, öhh Nope, that means cozy! He also used first name basis in the whole conversation, which is very uncommon for Austria.
Then my phone beeps and I have a new SMS. I open it and say aloud to Carro: What the heck did Bookie get me for Mother’s Day, the SMS read: ‘Jürgen Call b*y’ and then a cell number.

So I sent an SMS to Bookie who is still in Korea telling him to call me ASAP. A minute later the phone rings and it is Bookie. I tell him what happened and asked where did he buy the gift certificate??? He tells me at the place I know about, and he says the call and SMS must be a joke. The only one who he could think of who would do it would be our neighbor Alex.

A few hours later I get home and the Alex and his boy friend are outside and I asked them if he or his friends were joking with me this morning?
He swears by the stars he didn’t and I show him and his boy friend the SMS. They swear they did not do it. But Daniel (the boy friend) offers to call the number from his phone.
Apparently, the call b*y had dialed the wrong number and came to ME instead of someone else who I guess had ordered him???? And as I thought it was the real massage place who called I just kept answering the questions. I thought I was going to die laughing! I mean, what are the chances of that??? Hahahaha.

Anyways, an hour or so later, I get a new call from the same guy. He tells me that now he has a copy of the order that was placed, and indeed it WAS my cell number on it. Someone named Carmen had put in the order. I told him, sorry dude but I really did not order you, and I don’t know of any one named Carmen either. They must have written a digit down wrong. Must be so, he agreed. But if I changed my mind, he could also give me a massage, an e*otic, he promised. I said, Thanks, but no thanks, no need for that…

Seriously, any one had a similar coincidence? I told you, stuff like that only happens to me, or maybe Idha too 😉

14 Responses

  1. Haha, är du också en sån som det bara händer en massa konstigheter för, utan att du egentligen gör något för att det ska hända! Så himla kul!!! 😀

  2. :o) … haha, sehr lustig! Liebe Grüße!

  3. Oh my goodness, that’s pretty funny!

  4. WOW!!!! That is very funny!

  5. Oh man am I laughing! I’ve never had anything quite like that happen 🙂 You are definitely the lucky one, Christina 🙂 At least your life is never boring 🙂

    p.s. I tagged you 🙂 C’mon over and check it out 🙂

  6. Det är verkligen en underbar historia och JA, det hade lätt kunnat hända mig med..!!! Men jag är glad att det hände dig! 🙂
    Saknar dig så himla mycket min älskade vän. Puss.

  7. Som sagt, hade det hänt Idha hade man knappt höjt på ögonbrynen eftersom sånt händer henne flera ggr i veckan, men jösses amalia vad kul… ;0)

    Stor kram från en som aldrig skulle bli erbjuden nån snaskig massage… :0(

  8. That is HILARIOUS. Oh my.

  9. hehe. thats is too funny!! that has never happened to me!!!

  10. That sounds like a “Happy Hot Mommas Day” present.
    Nothing like that exchange has ever happened to me. At least you got it sorted out and could laugh in the end.

  11. LOL!!!! Not as interesting as that call, but I have had wrong number calls, where we both thought that it was the right number, until it is revealed that it was wrong…but plain old boring stuff, not as sexy and interesting as yours!

    You sexy Swede you!!!!

    That was funny! Good thing you were not in the mood for that massage right away!

  12. Oh my gosh that’s hilarious!

  13. Oh my, I cracked up reading this! That would be a very usual Mother’s Day gift, to say the least!

  14. I just happened to stumble on your blog while reading more about DS and was just reading through some of your stories and I found this one particularly hilarious! I know this post is over 2 years old, but after a rough week with my son, I needed a good laugh! Thank you for sharing this!

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