How About SOME Peace on those Darn BLOOD TESTS?????

We are heading fora full biopsy of the stomach. Celiac is looking like our next little hurdle. However, gotta wait for a while as he can’t go under for a full narcoses so soon after surgery.
Send those recipies and tell me how you guys did it?
How much did you need to change?
Did your kid start growing better after you changed diet? (Vince grew 1cm in 1 year ca)

Any other pointers – again – this is an all new world to us. And Bookie is on a flight to Korea so I can’t reach him. Here I was thinking that little balloon tummy was just inherited from mom and dad…

To Korean Bookie man: call me when you can, it’s OK if it’s night time, but call me on the cell. Püß

3 Responses

  1. Sorry that you will have to deal with Celiac. I hope you are able to find some good recipes and support!

  2. Ajdå, att ni aldrig kan få vara ifred… Jag är hemma imorgon, kan väl höras på tel då? Puss.

  3. I was just wondering what lead you to suspect Celiac?? Was Vince having the usually GI symptoms or was it just the growth?? I love your blog by the way!! I think Prince Vince is absolutely adorable…he is a blondey like my little one!

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