Signing Those Animals

First of the bat, Vince slept till 6,30 this morning! Then he woke up, made a little de-tour around his toy box and then came in to us to pull us out of bed and to the breakfast table. As usual he asked for Signing Times. He actually does the sign for Baby for Signing Times as we had the Baby Signing Times movies first. Today I grabbed the camera and filmed him doing some signs along with the movie. I can’t believe I was ever doubting if we should get those films or not, they really are the best (I am not endorsed by ST). The movies are just amazing! Nough said.

Vince signing CHICKEN and HORSE

Look fast, this clip is short, but he does MOUSE – the finger should actually be on the nose, but he always does it on the mouth.




13 Responses

  1. Vad duktig han är! Och söt, framförallt… ;0)

  2. Duktiga killen!
    Undrar om det finns liknande på svenska….

  3. Vilka framsteg! Smart unge den där Vince.

  4. Jag är helt imponerad.

    Puss & kram Mormor

  5. He is doing SO great!!

  6. Så duktig han är. Sen tyckte jag det var lite kul att höra honom när du sa att han skulle teckna CAT och han tittade på dig och svarade NO! Men sen gjorde han det iaf…Tycker han verkar vara precis som alla andra 2-åringar.

  7. Wow! He is doing SO well. Such a smarty!

  8. Wanted to let you know about this, Christina:
    Prince Vince and Bookie everywhere – in Mexico.

    (Sorry, I´ve been able to “lose” your e-mail-address)

  9. He is sooooo cute! I loved watching him “in action” and doing all those signs; and I loved his different facial expressions, I just want to hug him!

  10. Vilken duktig kille han är! We are impressed. 🙂

  11. Han är så sjukt duktig!!! Blir så imponerad. Inte förvånad dock =)!

  12. bravo!!!! well done Vincent.

  13. WOW!!! He’s adorable…

    I have your blog under favorits.

    thanks for sharing your life with us! 🙂


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