He is turning 2?!?

Yes, in just a few days the calender tells me my kid is turning 2! That can’t be, but apparently it is. It seems like he was born last year, and all these new things came crashing down into our lives. But then, when I think back to everything that we have experienced and everything we have learned. How everything seemed to be so majorly life changing, and in the end we are just the same people with a little bit more experience? Now the word Down Syndrome no longer gives me a piercing pain all through the body, instead it fills me with happiness, pride and excitement for what the future holds. Don’t get me wrong, some things still suck (like all the blood test etc) but my Vincent is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Just the way he is, extra chromosome included.

The one advice we never took to us when he was born came from almost all the specialists/doctors we met within the first few weeks. We were told not to expect to much and not expect anything too soon. I understand why they did it. They all tried to lower our expectations as for what Vincent would/could be do in the future. Everything from crawling, walking, riding bikes (that bs that kids w DS don’t ride bikes), cooking, to handling bank errands. I am glad and proud that Bookie and I managed (so far) to ignore that advice and instead we have done what WE think is the right thing. Many have been the times when we get looks like we are crazy when we tell people what therapies he is doing. Often have we been told that we are doing too much. I don’t believe it for a second. I know my child, and I know what he likes. Therapy for him an hour of playtime where he is the center of the attention. Where he gets ALL the focus and he gets to test new toys that we don’t have at home, or where he can show off what he can.

After all, we are a rather ‘normal’ family. We just spend an extra moment here and there doing some more specific things. But all in all, we are just the same as we were. Maybe we celebrate the small things a little bit more than some others. Last night Bookie was grilling as I came home from work. He had made a fab tomato/mozzarella salad and served it with fresh baguettes and spicy grilled egg plant. It was yummy. Vince ate with gusto. With his little fork. He forked most of the pieces up by pinning the food on his fork. He even forked the bread up. At the same time he was being his regular-goof-ball-self. Doing a ha-ha laugh when he succeeded in forking the food like he had been pinning his worst enemy, then clapping his hands when he had put the piece in his mouth. It was so cool to see him be his own little person and just shining like a little star. And on Monday he turns 2!

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  1. Keep up the good work!

    When my grand daughter was born with Methylmalonic Acidemia, the doctors said that we might not have her more than 6 months. Last Thanksgiving, she had her 5th birthday.

    She is an absolute blessing to others and it sounds as if your son is the same.


  2. Duktiga Vince! Jag vet minsann några 2-åringar som inte kan äta med gaffel. Måste vara det där lilla extra som gör det…Grattis i förskott, Vince. En liten present är på väg.

  3. 2!!? Wow. Can Vince come visit Delphine and help her use a fork.

  4. Heja Vince! Du har verkligen lärt oss mycket om livet! Puss från Lowa.

  5. Awww. So true! The difference between how I thought it would be, and how it really is, is just huge.

    Happy Birthday Vince!

  6. Happy Birthday, Big Boy! You are truly and inspiration, Prince Vince!

  7. Happy birthday Vince!! I’m a shoe addict too!! 🙂


  8. Happy birthday Vince!

    It’s always seemed to me that the one thing most people fail to realise is the normalcy of raising a child with DS. 99% of it is just like raising any kid.

  9. I can’t believe he’s going to be 2! Where did the time go?? Happy Birthday Vince!!!

    And I’m jealous…Hailey still can’t get the hang of the fork. She prefers to use her fist/fingers!

  10. Grattis till Vince som snart fyller 2! Det låter så härligt när du beskriver er vardag med Vince.

    Han är verkligen ett litet charmtroll, och så duktig på allting han tar sig för!

    Ni är mina förebilder, som ni jobbar på med olika metoder för att er son ska ha alla möjligheter att utvecklas som människa.

  11. Happy birthday Vince! Will is also having a birthday soon!

    I just got caught up with your guys! You did so well with the surgery Vince! I knew you would 😉

  12. Ha en underbar födelsedag Vince!! Världens finaste 2-åring. Kram

  13. Grattis på tvåårsdagen Vincent!!! Massor av pussar och kramar från Linnea

  14. Massa grattiskramar från mig och Tage också!!!


  16. Grattis på 2-årsdagen önskar Elvira

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