Signing Times

It was time for the first EI session since surgery yesterday and Vince was up to 90 min concentrated playing time. I got the luxury to take a loooong shower while he was in the living room with the EI. He is doing great! Apparently he does put things BACK for her. I have myself not managed to get him to do it, but I guess that leaves hopes. But more interestingly he really listens and does a lot of things now. Like, the kid loves shoes (no clue where he got that from). I brought some shoes with me home on Saturday and he was really excited to get 2 new pairs. Yesterday towards the end of the session I asked Vince to go and get his shoes. Off he went and came back with one shoe in his hand!
Vincent, give the shoe to S. I said, and he handed it over, then went to his room and got the other one. 
Mom (and EI) was VERY excited.
He was also signing all thorugh his session and he even signed both PLEASE and THANK YOU. He also says TAT (CAT) now.
This was the first time the EI saw how much he really can sign and she was amazed 🙂 We owe it all (almost to Rachel) who Vince loves. He often asks for Signing Time and he watches the whole episode [relatvely] still.
Vince digging with Rachel
In other news, Vince loves to show off his cheese face:

He was supposed to get a hair cut yesterday, but he was not in a mood for that. So half way through mom and the hair dresser made the joint decision to do the rest on Friday.

4 Responses

  1. Det glädjer mig att se att barnet ÄNTLIGEN fått sina byxor. Sorry.

  2. His Cheese face is too cute! It sounds like he is doing a wonderful job with his signing!! Go Vince!!

  3. Beautiful Child and like your blog, keep it up.

  4. WTG Vince! Love this cheesy grin 🙂

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