The afternoon was spent at Krainerhof, our favorite wine yard. As Renate, the world best organizer and former work colleague had put it all together. It ended up being almost half of the Atlanta office at the wine yard today. Great fun and a perfect place for the kiddoes. I know, wine and kids? But you see, the Fam. Krainer who owns the place has fixed a big play ground for the kids and they have goats, rabbits and cats that the kids can pet and feed. They loved it. Vince lasted for 4,5 hours till he fell a sleep on the way home.

It is located in a valley south of Graz, ca 30 min from us

Part of the outside garden, in the summer the grapes grow all around where the tables are

The Plasonig Family were visiting from Saltillo, Mexico. Shaila (who lives i Graz) holds their littlest Maria.

Renate, Vince and Herr Krainer himself in Lederhoses as usual.

Part of the wine bar

Vince running off to the goats again. He loves animals. All types. He is totally facinated by them. He can now sign cat, dog, horse, duck, bird, fish, donkey, sheep etc(i.e all the animals in Leah’s Farm ST Volume 7)

My little goof ball

6 Responses

  1. That looks like it was a wonderful afternoon!

  2. Störtskön kille ni har!

  3. That last picture… best facial expression EVAR. 😀

  4. TXS for letting us take part with you in that afternoon. See you in not even three weeks ;-)!

  5. Oj. Pojken kan fler djur än jag. På teckenspråk dessutom.

  6. Ohhh – I love all these Vince pics!!! I can’t believe he’s going to be TWO! How can that be? Your sweet boy is growing up!!!

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