What a week…

.. to say the least… It started last Friday actually, when the Dr called and said that some of Vince blood tests came back not looking good. I went into total panic mood, as this was EXACTLY how Vince little friend Astrid found out she has AML (leukemia). She was going to have the same surgery, and the same test came back not looking so hot. So, 8 am Friday morning the freaking out started. Off B went with Vince to the hospital for additional blood work. I had to work. The tests should be ready by Monday morning – so the weekend sucked. 8 am Mon morning and of course the test was not ready. We were supposed to be at the hospital at 10 am to check in for the T&A surgery, but without the results of the blood work there could be no surgery. And as the blood work looked on Friday, there would be no surgery… The hospital told us to come anyways, and amazingly enough, Vince and I got our own room – unheard of unless you have the extra insurance (which is the one we can’t get). The rest of the day consisted of waiting and some other check ups. FINALLY at 6.30 pm we got the results that all was OK. Still don’t know exactly what was wrong, but all white blood cells counts etc came back fine. Major relief! THANK YOU for support calls, sms and emails.
So we (Vince) did get to have his surgery. He was a little champ. As he was falling a sleep with his falling a sleep medicine he was giggling and waving bye bye as they rolled him away to the surgery. 2 hours later he came back with a smile on his face. The first thing he did was sign MILK. Unfortunately, he could not have anything to drink, especially not milk, so he got  a bit upset, but after some painkillers he was back to being almost himself. He was already up and walking, eating and drinking on the same day as surgery. The next day it was virtually impossible to even try to keep him still. He was climbing and running around without any problems. And he was finally allowed to have milk. He loves his milk (regular milk) and is so cute when he stops in the middle of playing to search me or Bookie and to sign MILK.
Today he was in a little bit more pain, but he still ate lots in the afternoon. Bookie is staying the night with him tonight, and hopefully they get to go home tomorrow.

Eating bread and drinking tea a few hours after surgery

Napping w dad after surgery

11 Responses

  1. I’m glad the blood tests came out ok – how scary! I hope he continues to feel better and better.

  2. Vi är så glada för att allt är ok med er lille prins och att operationen gick så bra! Han är en liten hjälte! Hoppas the recovery går finemang. Hälsa och krama.

  3. Härliga nyheter! Astrids mamma skvallrade (vi bor ju nästan grannar) och höll mig uppdaterad. Vi väntade också på måndagen.

    Det är krut i den där killen!!!

  4. I’m so glad the blood tests came back okay and the surgery went well!

  5. I realize that having a child with a disease like this can be terrible. But, I will bet that it is also a blessing.

    I have a grand daughter that was diagnosed with a life threatening disease (Methol Melelonic Acidemia) and that she would not live 6 months. We recently celebrated her 5th birthday.

    Watching her go thru this has helped me be grateful for each and every day that we have her. She does not know she has a disease, she is a happy little blessing.

    I see from the smile on your son’s face that he is the same way.

    Be grateful for each day that you have with him, even if they are rough. Cherish the smiles, the laughter and the “waves bye bye”.

    None of us gets out of this deal alive and the best way to take this ride is to expand the happy times.

  6. Sending hugs! hugs! and more hugs!

  7. Oh I am so relieved!

  8. Åh vad glad jag blir. Nu kan jag andas ut igen…Tusen kramar till Vince från oss i CA.

  9. Underbara nyheter! Krama om Vincent från Linnea!

  10. Pussar från Lowa o oss!

  11. I am so glad everything went ok! what a little trooper!!!!

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