And the Winner Is:


10 Responses

  1. Hi Christina,

    Wir sind absolut baff!!! Das hätten wir wirklich nicht erwartet!!! Freuen uns riesig!!! Danke Vincent!!! Well done!!! Obwohl ich schon ein bisschen ein schlechtes Gewissen habe (gegenüber den vielen anderen großen und kleinen Läufern), denn Eddy und Laufen, das sind zwei Dinge, die im Moment noch wenig miteinander zu tun haben.. Bruno werden die Schuhe nicht mehr passen, deshalb würden wir sie gerne Eddys Freund Hannes schenken! Seid ihr damit einverstanden?

  2. He is so cute digging through the box to pick the right piece of paper!!!

  3. Great job, Vince! I love his strategy for picking just the right one!

  4. I love it! That is really too cute! Way to go Vincent!

  5. Oh, we just adore this drawing and how your Prince chose the winner…….he decided they tasted good!!!! Too cute!!!!

    Thank you for your generousity in this contest…we had lots of fun!

  6. He is just too cute!! That is cool that he chose the winner!!!!

  7. What a great idea making a video!!!
    And great job, Vince!!!
    It´s soooo nice to see you in action.
    And to hear your daddy´s voice.
    And to see your mommy´s hair — is said that, because: Is it dark now, Christina?!!!!
    Well, in the video it seems to be.

    Congratulations to Eddy, too, of course!!!!!
    And I agree with Tara Marie. This contest was a lot of FUN !!!! 😉

  8. even though I don’t think I even entered the competition I had great fun watching Vince select a winner – very cute!

  9. Attans att vi missade tävlingen! Vilken kille som kan alldels själv. Underbart att se. Kolla in Vi Föräldrar denna vecka. Världens sötaste omslagstjej på framsidan tycker en partisk mamma.

  10. Hi!

    I write a blog called Special Needs Parent… It is geared towards parents of kids with special needs, everything from mild learning disabilities to children in a vegetative state.

    On Tuesdays, I feature an interview with another blogging parent of a child with special needs. I was wondering if you’d be interested in being an interviewee.

    This would entail me sending you an email with a Word attachment with the interview questions. You would return it, with the questions answered, along with a photo if you’d like.

    Please let me know if you’d be interested.

    Michele Wilcox

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