Allergy; the eye doctor said after putting all kinds of drops in my eyes, telling me to shut the eyes for 1 min (great thing to do in an eye doctors office when you have a very mobile almost 2 year old with you). Vince was relatively good, I had to bribe him with cookies to stay somewhat still. He was also allowed to play with the other normally forbidden toys like my purse, lipstick and keys.
This morning when I woke up my left eye was clogged shut. But whatever, keep dropping those drops in the eye 6 times a day, and if it is not better in a WEEK come back! Guaranteed no pics of me are to follow till this thing is gone! Instead, you get to see Vince parading around in his new rain boots. He got the red DJUNGEL ones with leopards on them:

Testing them inside while wearing PJs

And outside

Checking the spiky tree out w dad

Our drive way



11 Responses

  1. Låter inget vidare.. hoppas det ger med sig snart!

  2. He looks so fierce in that first one.

    Love your tree!

    Sorry about your eyes. We just went through pinkeye and it did suck. Drops are no fun.

  3. sötast i stan!

  4. Ich hoffe dein Auge wird bald wieder besser! Liebe Fotos ;o)! Schöne Grüße, Santi & Nicole

  5. LOVE the boots! They are so cute!

  6. Men stackare…fast sadist som man är vill jag ju se en bild! Mina små har maginfluensa och Melia har också öroninflammation…stackars sessan.

  7. Jag vill också se bild!! Fast bilden på Vincent väger ju upp det mesta det kan jag hålla med om. Vad söt han är när han håller i Bookie!

  8. Sorry about the eye infection. Hope you start feeling better. Oh and the boots are perfect. He is getting to big, I can’t believe it !!!

    Take care

  9. I hope your eye infection is quick to clear. Mommies don’t have time for that kind of stuff!

    Your have a beautiful driveway. I love the red boots, but the model is even cuter 🙂

  10. These boots are awesome!!! Yeap, the model makes just everything look great 🙂 Get well soon with your eye!!! HUGS

  11. Ohhhh – love the boots, the trees, the weather! It’s all gorgeous!!!

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