The weather is wonderful. Bookie is back fr Korea – wonderful, Vince is getting better – wonderful. Everything is wonderful except for one tiny detail… My eye! It is  all clogged up and swollen, pink and red. Not a pretty sight. May not be so bad you think, but you see it really is… Tomorrow I am being interviewed for a piece in a rather large magazine in Austria/Germany, about running your own bsuiness and raisning a kid with a special need. AND there is a photographer coming too. So, you see, wonderful sums it all up good.
And all the Clinique Puffy Eye Cream in the world won’t reduce the size of the bags under my eye.
So this morning I had to wait for the baby sitter to come (Vince is staying out of daycare till after surgery) and then I rushed to the doctor. I got there 15 min before he opened, just to realize the waiting room was already filled with pensionistas (retired people – that were NOT in a working age group). They had brought their coffee with them. I politely asked the nurse if there was any way my eye could be prioritized as I had to be at work in 45 min.
‘No way’, she said ‘there are 13 people ahead of you’.
I again, explained that I had to be at work in 45 min, and had a 20 min drive, but to no use.

The pharmacy at the mall opens at 8 a.m. so I headed to work, and then went downstairs to find the pharmacy. You see, in this country they let you have prescription medicine without the prescription a lot of times. You just have to pay an outrageous amount, but when you bring the prescription later, you get a refund of the difference.

Of course it was the blond one working, the one who always tries to sell me the homeopathich stuff. Like when I had pneumonia. But that is a different story. Anyways, I explained my issue to the pharmasist (like she did not see it, I saw how she was trying not to stare), and she went and got some drops. I looked at the box, which has HOMEOPATHIC written in bold block letters. I asked if she did not have anything that was ‘real’ as my experience with homepathic stuff is not that great. She said she did, but that stuff was not going to help me. I said, I still prefer the other stuff. Then she got all moody and told me it was my own fault if the eye did not clean up now as she handed me the antibiotic drops… Nice service… Now, I only have to wait and see. But let’s hope for a little miracle.

3 Responses

  1. OH NO! Jag vet hur det är att ha ett kläggöga… Som tur är så är du ju alltid bedårande ändå! Men kör på Greta Garbo-stilen och använd solbrills på kortet i morgon om det inte går över.


  2. Oh no! I hope that it clears up before your interview. 😦

  3. kommer du ihåg campingen på Pers ägor i maj 96?? vet hur du har det. håller tummarna för att det försvinner… puss!

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